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How To Give The Best NBA Teams Homecourt Advantage At a Neutral Site

The NBA is set to return on July 31st with a 22-team 8-game regular season before they begin the playoffs. All games will be taking place in Orlando and no fans allowed in the gym thus eliminating homecourt advantage entirely.

Teams like the Milwaukee Bucks and the Los Angeles Lakers who busted their ass all year to gain the No. 1 seeds in their conferences will see no real benefits outside of their first-round matchups.

There are some awful ideas going around like allowing the star player on the higher-ranked team to receive an extra foul to commit or allowing teams to pick which hotels they get to stay at starting from the highest seeds down. Disney World is a resort. All of the hotels are top notch. What are we doing?

I am not an idea guy. I make fun of idea guys and their bad ideas but I will attempt to rack my brain to figure out how to provide real homecourt advantage to these teams. Walk with me.

1. Fake crowd noise. Soccer leagues have apparently been playing fake crowd noise during games and I’m told that although it’s eerie knowing that the arenas are empty, the noise is still appropriate to the situations in which they’d normally occur. When a team is attacking, great saves, etc. I am not watching German soccer leagues anytime soon so I can not confirm or deny their effectiveness but I do know the NBA can do it better.

2. Draft from the eliminated teams. You want to get weird? Let’s get weird. Draft players from the teams that don’t make the playoffs and give the top seeds the first picks. Milwaukee selects Steph Curry. Lakers get Trae Young. Clippers get Karl-Anthony Towns. I know there are contracts and this couldn’t happen and blah blah but just let the Orlando Magic select John Wall or LaMarcus Aldridge and let’s watch mini All-Star games.

3. Don’t. Who gives a shit? You know what homecourt advantage is for the Bucks? Having Giannis. You have the better roster in every game you play. That’s your advantage just as it has been all season long. I don’t feel bad for you that there isn’t a weird ass deer at centercourt.

Hire me, NBA.




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