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How To Fix The Phoenix Suns

Sooo the Phoenix Suns have fired head coach, Igor Kokoškov, after a 19-63 season that saw this team accidentally tank. They are preparing to sign their 5th coach in 5 seasons. Pray for Devin Booker.

Let’s quickly recap what happened:

  • Finished dead last in the Western Conference with a 19-63 record.
  • Devin Booker averaged 26.6 points, 4.1 rebounds and 6.8 assists.
  • TJ Warren averaged 18.0 points and Kelly Oubre came in and averaged 16.9 points.
  • DeAndre Ayton would’ve received more Rookie of the Year chatter if he wasn’t a big man in 2019 when teams are pick and rolling centers off the floor.
  • Jamal Crawford was on this team for literally no reason.
  • The Suns pulled Jimmer Fredette from China for 6 games. He went 0-for-13 from behind the 3-point line.

How to fix the Phoenix Suns:

  1. Robert Sarver needs to leave the team alone. Now, it’s impossible to force an owner to sell the team (unless he calls Magic Johnson the n-word) so instead of crossing our fingers and hoping he wakes up one morning ready to die, Sarver needs to take a massive step back from the team.

Look at James Dolan, not the best example but walk with me here. After a decade of meddling with the team’s day-to-day operations, he gave the keys to all of the decision making to Phil Jackson. He just happened to give those keys to a man who spent his entire time either on vacation or asleep but it’s the thought that counts.

Robert Sarver needs to find someone he trusts to run the team while he does rich people stuff in Phoenix. Whatever the hell that is. Child abduction? I don’t know. Just stop watching basketball games for a while.

2. Hire a good head coach. Yes, that sounds almost disrespectfully reductive and reads like something you’d see in a Fansided article written by a fleet of their unpaid workers but I’m attempting to make a point here.

The only reason they hired Igor Kokoškov was because he was Luka Doncic’s coach in Europe. And then they proceeded to not draft Luka thus rendering Kokoškov a lame duck coach who could be fired at any given moment.

Jay Triano coached the Toronto Raptors from 2008-20011. He won 37% of his games. Why exactly did you hire him for one year? Earl Watson was the assistant for Jeff Hornacek who they fired right before him.

If you don’t like a coach, maybe don’t immediately replace him with his assistant that has the same coaching tendencies as him.

Just hire a good coach who doesn’t have a relationship with a lottery pick or a losing coaching record or an assistant that’s already there. Hire someone good.

3. Draft the best player available. There’s a report circling that if Phoenix gets the first pick, they’d select Ja Morant over Zion Williamson because they need a point guard.


In the NFL Draft, yes, you 1000% draft for need. If you have the first pick and the best player available is a quarterback but your team already has a QB but you need a linebacker, you draft a linebacker.

But this is the NBA in 2019 where positions don’t matter. When you are consistently the worst team year after year, you don’t draft for positional need. You need talent. That’s what you need. Don’t get cute. Draft the best player available. Draft Zion.

4. Throw the bag at D’Angelo Russell. For a last place team, the Suns have a weird cap situation as they decided to trade for Tyler Johnson at the trade deadline for absolutely no reason and now they have to deal with his $19 million player option.

If you let Kelly Oubre walk and pray that Tyler Johnson doesn’t opt-in, you’ll have enough money to deliver the bag to D’Angelo Russell. Russell is a restricted free agent and Brooklyn can match any offer but I don’t think it would behoove Brooklyn to pay D’Angelo the max considering he essentially has the identical skill set to Caris LeVert and Spencer Dinwiddie, two cheaper players.

A bunch of shit would have to go in Phoenix’s favor but I might have just given this team Devin Booker, DeAndre Ayton, Zion Williamson and D’Angelo Russell. Suns in 4.

(They’ll probably just overpay for Terry Rozier and draft Bol Bol so none of this matters.)

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