How Soon Until Jason Kidd Becomes The Head Coach of the Los Angeles Lakers?

Ty Lue was offered the Los Angeles Lakers head coaching job but refused after only being given a 3-year deal and having to let Jason Kidd be one of his assistants.

The Lakers then took that terrible offer and brought it to Frank Vogel’s front door and he LEAPED on the opportunity to be the scapegoat and get his job usurped by Jason Kidd.

The Brooklyn Nets hired Jason Kidd for the 2013-14 season. His mission was to get more power than GM Billy King which is an insane move considering it was his first head coaching job ever and he walked into work one day with a list of ‘demands’.

And then he essentially demanded his way to Milwaukee which is also of note considering that Milwaukee already had a head coach at the time so he basically went behind closed doors and stole Larry Drew’s job from him.

And now he’s the Los Angeles Lakers ‘assistant coach’…laugh out loud.

So how soon until Jason Kidd is the head coach?

Kidd will be the head coach yesterday. Are you serious? He’s already in a group chat with Jeanie Buss, Kurt Rambis and his wife talking shit about Frank Vogel.

Apparently the front office believes Kidd will help in the development of Lonzo Ball, which I doubt. You can look directly at what the Nets and Bucks looked like after he left and it’s quite clear that teams improve once he’s out of the building.

Lonzo Ball needs sneakers that aren’t handcrafted by a middle-aged man in Chino Hills and maybe his ankles and knees will stop splitting in half every time he jumps.

We’re about a week away from Jason Kidd joining those wack ass protesters outside of the Staples Center demanding the head coaching job.

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