How Many Combined Interceptions Are Nathan Peterman and Josh Allen Going To Throw This Season?

The Nathan Peterman era has officially begun in Buffalo which means one thing and one thing only: all you can eat interceptions.

Last season, the Bills decided to bench Tyrod Taylor for Nathan Peterman while they were trying to make a playoff push. Tyrod Taylor’s biggest asset as a starting NFL quarterback is that he literally never turns the ball over. They benched him for Peterman who then proceeded to throw 5 interceptions.

Peterman has thrown 52 career NFL passes. 6 of them have resulted in interceptions. 11% of the footballs that leave Peterman’s hands end up in the hands of the defense. Give him a full season to really start flinging the ball and he’s going to explode previous turnover records.

Oh, but it’s not just Peterman who is a garbage QB who has no idea how to throw a football.

Enter Josh Allen.

Josh Allen was drafted 7th overall in the 2018 draft for no reason other than the fact that he’s a 6’5 white guy. Lamar Jackson had an objectively better college career and played in a pro-style offense at Louisville but was asked to switch to wide receiver while Allen played at Wyoming against inferior competition and went a wonderful 8-5 on the season with less than impressive numbers.

How many interceptions are Nathan Peterman and Josh Allen going to throw?

1,465,456 interceptions. No more. No less.

The Bills have the worst quarterback room in the NFL. The Cleveland Browns have had infinite quarterbacks in the last decade and even they wouldn’t be dumb enough to start a season with Nathan Peterman and Josh Allen. In fact, they were smart enough to trade for Tyrod, who the Bills didn’t want, and draft Baker Mayfield instead of Josh Allen.

And I’ll be there for every second of it. Every single ball thrown into the dirt and every pass that gets tipped into a safety’s arms. The 2018 Buffalo Bills are going to be the most hilarious team in NFL history.



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