How Many Championships Will LeBron James and Anthony Davis Win Together?

It’s finally happened.

This past season, Anthony Davis(‘s agent and LeBron James’s best friend, Rich Paul) woke up one morning and texted Woj that he is demanding a trade from the New Orleans Pelicans leading to the Lakers and Pelicans engaging in a really toxic relationship that ended with both teams missing the playoffs and everyone hating everyone.

Magic Johnson quit his job in the Lakers front office. Dell Demps lost his GM job and New Orleans gave the keys to David Griffin, LeBron’s old GM in Cleveland. Interesting. And here we are.

Now Anthony Davis finally lands in Los Angeles with basically the same exact trade that was offered at the deadline this year.

This article isn’t going to be a breakdown of ‘who won the trade’.

The Lakers acquired the 5th best basketball player on planet Earth to pair alongside the greatest ever (maybe). New Orleans got LaMelo’s brother and draft picks that will convey in like, 2050.

LeBron James signed a 4-year deal last summer which instantly accelerated Los Angeles’s timeline. The first year was an absolute disaster with a front office that apparently never watched basketball before that failed LeBron and a young core of players that were in no way ready to battle with the Rockets and Warriors every night.

So how many championships will LeBron James and Anthony Davis win together?

LeBron James is a 35-year old man whose groin hurts. Yes, he still put up his typical averages but that injury seal has been broken. No one gets healthier at 35. Thank god the Lakers don’t have the Warriors doctors who would tell LeBron that his injury ‘couldn’t get any worse’.

We also can’t be foolish enough to not keep one eye on Jason Kidd, Frank Vogel’s assistant coach who is currently planning on slipping coke in Vogel’s bag at LAX to steal his job.

The Los Angeles Lakers aren’t suddenly competent and less toxic. Sure, Magic Johnson is gone but Rob Pelinka is still out here lying about dinners with a very dead Heath Ledger.

Let’s also keep in mind that Vogel was last successful in the early half of this decade with a Pacers team that was centered around their defense. Remember the last coach that was hired because they were great at defense nearly ten years ago?

Oh no.

If you look at the rest of the league, no other team has a 1-2 combo as strong as LeBron and AD. At least not yet anyway.

At the same time, Giannis has a better top to bottom roster in Milwaukee and if Kawhi stays in Toronto, I trust the Raptors GM, Masai Ujiri, to put together another championship squad.

It’s also naive to think that the Warriors let Kevin Durant leave and don’t replace him with another forward that fits their system. If the Warriors had Harrison Barnes, they would’ve beaten the Raptors.

Let’s not sleep on the Houston Rockets. Some team will be dumb enough to take Chris Paul off their hands.

This team has three years to win. That’s not impossible. Actually, yes it is. It’s impossible. The Lakers are not going to suddenly be better than Denver and Portland. Again, LeBron is geriatric at this point.

ZERO championships. Damn. But Space Jam 2 thoooooo.

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