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How Fire Are These Rompers For Men?

I am allll the way in on this romper for men. Ladies night is over, Angie Martinez. It’s time for the boys to have some of the fun. Introducing the RompHim. I don’t know if these are in Target yet but the second they hit Walmart I’m buying them all. I mean, I don’t shop at Walmart but I’m willing to if male rompers are available there. That’s how fire they are.

Rompers are weird to begin with. No girl looks good in them. It makes every girl look gross regardless of their body type.1 No romper has ever fit a girl properly in the history of the romper. Mission impossible.

Having said that, I could rock the shit out of a RompHim. They look mega comfy and fit appear to fit correctly. The romper was just made to be worn by men. This is natural selection at work. If you see me this summer and I’m not wearing a romper then call the authorities. You’re looking at an imposter. Once I get a pair of these, it’ll be the only thing in my wardrobe.



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  1. shout out to the girl I’m going to talk to in like a year who is going to go back and read this and try to pick a fight with me about this take.

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