How Accurate Is Fifa: The Real Deal Or Complete Fantasy?

Have you ever wondered how accurate a game like Fifa is compared to the real sport? It seems each year a new Fifa game arrives on the market, more attention is given to ensuring that the game looks and feels as realistic as possible. But how on the money are these games really and where will they be in the future?

The Graphics 


We’ve come a long way from the blurred stick figures that we used to play with on the PS1. While the games aren’t quite photorealistic, they are certainly heading in that direction. We can’t wait to see how they look on the PS5 and XBOX Series X. Based on the latest trailers, these games could deliver something rather special in terms of visual effects. Graphics are important because with the right standard here it can make you feel as though you are watching a real-life match rather than playing a video game. The latest impact on the graphics of Fifa and similar games is likely going to be ray tracing. It could be the tipping point that makes you feel as though you are watching things play out in a real-life stadium. You can learn more about ray tracing on


The Stats 


A key point that will certainly be interesting to you is a player would be how accurate the stats of the players are in games like this. We have all seen someone beat LFC to the curb with a team that wouldn’t even make the premier league. You can also play with the difficulty to ensure that you can overpower basically any time on the pitch. But what about the individual players?


Well, it might surprise you to learn that a lot of effort goes into ensuring that the stats of different teams and even the individual players are as accurate as they can be. How does this work? An independent team is used to view the game and evaluate the data that has been provided to EA Sports. This is then compiled to create 35 different attributes for how the player acts on the pitch. It includes everything from their running style to the way they kick the ball and so much more. The team explores other details too including the potential development of the player over the course of the season. So, theoretically, EA might predict what player is likely to win the 2020 Euro Golden Boot or what team is likely to win the league. You can check predictions for things like this if you go to or a similar website. 


Can the game accurately predict the winner of the premier league? Well, not quite because the method EA uses to do this is based on which team has the best 50 players. This won’t always mean that a team will win, however. But, based on past history, this method can be used to accurately predict the semi-finalists. Fifa also isn’t great at predicting the top scorer. Although, this has certainly improved in recent years. 


What Will Fifa 2021 Be Like?


According to EA Fifa 2021 is going to be the most authentic experience that they have ever created. What this means in a literal sense is anyone’s guess. However, the company does say that the game will take full advantage of the technology contained within the next generation of consoles. Fifa is often criticized for being too similar each year to the predecessors and EA clearly hopes that the new game is going to change this. Some of the key features include life-like player movements which they claimed will be the most authentic to ever be used in a sports video game. There are other benefits that fans will no doubt appreciate too including taking advantage of the haptic feedback for the dual sense controllers that PlayStation users will be utilizing. Furthermore, fresh rendering and lighting techniques will guarantee that the new game looks more realistic than ever too. 


It is worth pointing out that EA makes similar claims every year and players still notice very little difference. Players will also need to wait longer for the new versions to be released on next-gen consoles. Fifa 21 will release in October, but the next-gen consoles won’t launch until later in November. It’s also worth noting that the Switch version of the game will not be able to support the latest exciting new developments. So, gamers will have to think carefully about whether they want to wait for the new consoles and which console to purchase the game on. 


Is Realism Always A Bonus?



It’s easy to assume that realism always makes a better game. But we’ve seen multiple times that this simply isn’t the case. For instance, GTA IV pushes realism to the max with the in-game physics and limitations on what you could do in the game. The ability to fly planes vanished along with a lot of the other aspects of San Andreas. It made the game feel a little duller so realism was dialed back for GTA V. Many have made similar complaints about Red Ded Redemption being so realistic it’s often like watching paint dry. 


In the case of Fifa, it’s all to do with grass physics. Avid Fifa gamers will tell you how controversial this topic is. In the past, the ball whizzed across the virtual pitch as though it was being shot across an air hockey table. Now things have changed and grass physics means that the balls get stuck, bobbles, and bounces just like it would on a real pitch. It makes the game more difficult and more unpredictable. Even if your playing with a great team, it can feel as though you’re down on your luck.


We hope this sheds some light on the accuracy and realism that creators have managed to input into these games. It’s clear that over the next few years further advancements will be made in this area. It’s impossible to say just how realistic these games will become. Although, we certainly hope that one day VR technology is advanced enough where it feels like you are playing a real game in Old Trafford.


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