The Houston Rockets Will Beat the Golden State Warriors

Soo the Houston Rockets just lost 104-78 against the Golden State Warriors. The game wasn’t close at any point. The Warriors absolutely embarrassed the Rockets. Steph Curry dropped 24 in the first half.

But the Houston Rockets are going to win this series.

I LOVE the Rockets. With the Knicks coming nowhere near the playoffs again, I need a new team to root for and the Rockets are the perfect choice. James Harden might be the coolest guy in the league. Completely unphased by adversity. All he wants to do is put the ball in the basket. Doesn’t matter if he’s up 20 or down 20. ISO ISO.

Surrounding James Harden are a squad of goons. You know what goons hate? Being publicly embarrassed.

Steph Curry is currently questionable with an ankle injury which means one thing and one thing only. Patrick Beverly is going to put Curry in an Ankle Lock next game soo he’s done for the series.

James Harden had an awful game. He went the entire game without a free throw attempt for the first time in 148 consecutive games. That’s not going to happen again.

The refs were making calls like they were born and raised in Oakland. Hate being the guy who complains about the refs because the Rockets committed some awful penalties but when is a referee going to step up and call Andrew Bogut on his illegal screens? Never?

The Houston Rockets are going to win this series. Guaranteed.



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