Houston Rockets Want To Trade For Jimmy Butler and The NBA Needs This Trade To Happen

Jimmy Butler has announced that he wants to be traded from the Minnesota Timberwolves and the owner of the team says he wants the move to be made sooner than later. After signing Karl-Anthony Towns to the supermax this week, it’s become quite clear that Butler is up out of there by dinnertime tomorrow.

But what’s fascinating is that the Houston Rockets aren’t done making massive offseason trades. Last season they scooped up Chris Paul and ended up one game away from the NBA Finals. Now it appears as though they’re ready to scoop up another All-Star in exchange for Eric Gordon and PJ Tucker.

Soooo yea, that needs to happen immediately. The NBA needs this deal to be made asap.

If the Houston Rockets have 4 All-Stars on their team, I don’t see how they lose to a Golden State Warriors team that they almost beat with just 1 and a half All-Stars last year. That Game 7 was ridiculous. With Chris Paul out, no one could make a 3-pointer or even make a play off the dribble.

You know who can make a 3-pointer? Carmelo Anthony. You know who can make a play off the dribble? Jimmy Butler.

It would be a wrap. Jimmy Butler provides all of the hustle and effort that James Harden simply cannot. I’ll buy NBA 2K19 right now just to play as this Rockets team.

But most importantly, the Timberwolves get astronomically better too. PJ Tucker is a Tom Thibodeau dream player. Just an absolute pitbull on coke out there. He is 2011 Joakim Noah with better pregame outfits.

Eric Gordon provides all of the shooting that Butler is leaving behind and after playing with Harden, he knows how to just sit in the corner and wait for a 3 which will come in handy when Jeff Teague and Andrew Wiggins and doing nonstop iso plays.

This trade makes the league infinitely better and if I was NBA commissioner, I’d force this deal to be done.

Make the trade, you cowards.




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