Houston Astros Caught Cheating in ALCS By Sneaking an Employee in the Boston Red Sox Dugout

What Happened?

In the third inning of the first game of the series, security removed a man claiming to be an Astros employee from the media-credentialed area next to the Boston Red Sox dugout, according to multiple security sources who were on the scene at the time of the incident. The man had a small camera and was texting frequently, but did not have a media credential.

After the man was removed another Astros staffer intervened – according to sources who were on the scene – and tried to convince security that he was authorized to be in the area next to the dugout. The man was not allowed back into the credentialed area, but was allowed to remain in the ballpark.

Security sources say they had been warned about the man, because of some suspicious activity in Houston’s ALDS series against the Cleveland Indians. It’s unclear as to whether or not that warning came from Major League Baseball or the Red Sox.

MLB Chief Communications Officer Pat Courtney acknowledged Saturday night’s incident in an email on Tuesday afternoon, saying, “We are aware of the matter and it will be handled internally.”



The Houston Astros blatantly dropped someone on their payroll in the Red Sox dugout to report back to the team all game long. From what I can gather, you cannot do that. I don’t want to throw out the c-word here but this is cheating 101.

Over the weekend, I made it very clear that no matter how much I hate the Boston Red Sox, I will never be rooting for these Houston Astros and everyone threw eggs at me. ‘I hate the Red Sox more’, they said. ‘The Astros are more fun than Boston’, they said. Some nonsense about Alex Bregman or whatever. Boo.

Well now it turns out that the Astros are pulling a 2007 New England Patriots move and they’re sending spies into their opponents’ dugouts. Is this how you people win championships? How dare you? Shame on you and your offspring.

I’m glad the New York Yankees lost in the ALDS so they were subjected to this type of tomfoolery and horseplay. Aaron Boone made all of those terrible coaching decisions intentionally because he didn’t want to be in the same series as the classless Astros. I see and respect the foresight.

Fuck the Houston Astros.




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