Hot Teacher Who Banged Students is Claiming That Her Vag Helped Improve Their Grades

[su_quote cite=”NBC” url=””]Altice, a former English teacher, said the then-16-year-old boy whose parents are suing her would “thwart inappropriate comments directed at her.”

Altice wrote that the teen would come to her for advice on his relationship with his parents. She said she told him “to communicate with his parents and continue to do his best in school.”

She added that during the school year in which she taught him, his grades improved. KTSU reported that Altice wrote that she “had no evil or malicious intent to cause harm.”[/su_quote]


Meet Brianne Altice, the woman who deserves to win teacher of the year, every year. For some reason she’s on trial for sexual abuse but from everything I’ve read, she might be the best teacher in high school history.

Am I wrong or is it not the teacher’s job to improve the student’s grades? That’s like their sole purpose and Mrs. Altice did just that. Yes, her teaching methods are a tad unorthodox but that’s the case with all of the great teachers.

In 5th grade my teacher used to give us candy when we answered a question correctly and that works great for 5th graders but when you’re dealing with high schoolers, you have to make that candy even sweeter.

If more teachers followed Brianne Altice’s lead, high school graduation rates would be through the roof.


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