Hope Solo, Known Cunt, Is Running For US Soccer President


Hope Solo announced on Thursday that she is running for the presidency of the U.S. Soccer Federation.

Solo made the announcement on her Facebook page, in which she laid out a four-pronged platform and detailed some of the struggles she and her family experienced in paying for her to play youth soccer.

“We need passionate and intelligent soccer people leading the way at U.S. Soccer,” Solo wrote. “The business strategy at U.S. Soccer cannot continue to be profit before progress. The heart of what USSF must represent is the development of youth soccer in America.


For those of you new to Deadseriousness, Hope Solo is a cunt. That is not my opinion at this point, that is just a fact. Wet is water. The sun is hot. Hope Solo is a cunt. Instead of supporting her team following a loss to Brazil in the World Cup she shit all over the coach and the goalie that started over her claiming that she would’ve made all of the saves that the starting goalie couldn’t.

She also got blackout drunk and beat the shit out of her husband, her sister and her teenage nephew. She tested positive for steroids. Somehow was not punished by US soccer at all and was allowed to play through all of that nonsense.

Sure, women’s soccer needs a president who is going to decrease the gender pay gap. You know what women’s soccer doesn’t need? An alcoholic that beats up kids. I don’t know much about soccer but I’m pretty sure Hope is one of the worst humans connected with the sport.

So, good luck.




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