Hope Solo Gets Cut From Team USA Soccer Team

Now last week I wrote an article titled Hope Solo is a Cunt in which I outlined all of the incidents and reasons why she is a black hole of a human being. Well Team USA must’ve read my hot takes and have decided to FINALLY terminate Hope’s contract.

It’s easy to say that Hope was released because she called her opponents ‘cowards’ following their upset loss to Sweden in shootouts. But in actuality, Hope was 1000% released because she’s not the best goalie in the world anymore. She lost that shootout and now she’s simply not good enough to be on the roster.

This just really sucks for her husband who will now need to defend himself at all times at home. Hope has a huge chip on her shoulder and it’s only a matter of time until there’s another domestic abuse incident in the Solo household.

A cunt’s gotta cunt.



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