hillary clinton sucks

Sure Hillary Clinton Won the Debates But She Still Sucks

Hillary Clinton has swept the debates so far. I think that goes without saying. There’s no way you can watch Trump brush off sexual assault claims by trying to say he’s not as bad as ISIS and think he’s winning these debates. Although, claiming that you’re going to send your opponent to prison if you win the election is a huge power move. Not enough for a victory but definitely worth a tip of the ol cap.

But I want to make one thing clear, just because Hillary has won the debates does not mean she should be our president. Homegirl sucks. She is the textbook definition of the lesser of two evils. Donald Trump makes Hillary Clinton look like Abraham Lincoln. Her opponent is so off the rails that you can’t even tell that Hillary’s train doesn’t even have tracks under it. Everyone loves a good train metaphor, right?

Here’s the biggest problem with the Clinton campaign, most people don’t trust her or believe any word that comes out of her mouth. People perceive the Clintons as a power hungry and corrupt family. That’s probably true. When it comes to persuading voters who don’t just automatically check off any candidate who represents the Democratic party, she has done nothing to prove that she’s trustworthy.

There’s a gigantic elephant in the room and it can’t find any of Hillary’s old emails either. I’ve talked about this before but I don’t think Hillary’s deleted e-mails are that big of a deal. She messed up at her job and deleted her e-mails to avoid getting in trouble. I do that once a week. Let’s not pretend like we can’t fathom how a woman in her 60’s who planned on running for president might want to delete her emails and pretend like she didn’t fuck up. It’s obviously not okay at all but it’s certain;y understandable.

What’s weird and also smart I suppose, is how she manages to NEVER explain what happened or attempt a legit apology. If Trump was grabbing random women by the pussy all day every day, then maybe Clinton would be pressed more about her lack of honesty. Luckily, she’s running against a living breathing embodiment of the most ridiculous Onion article ever.

At the end of the day, it should be a KO for Hillary. Donald Trump and the right thrive in making people afraid of foreign threats. Bernie Sanders and Democrats and the left thrive in providing hope and optimism. Hillary however, does neither. She doesn’t attempt to make people hate immigrants for no reason but at the same time, she doesn’t inspire anyone.

The next 4 years are going to be long and arduous. If we all stick together and lean on Deadseriousness, we’ll be able to get by. All we have to do is wait 4 years and we’ll be ready for our next great president, Miss Sarah Palin.

Hillary Clinton sucks.




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