Hillary Clinton Sucks

Now I want to start off by saying that Hillary Clinton doesn’t suck because of her political views. She sucks because she was supposed to beat Donald Trump by a landslide and literally the exact opposite occurred. I will never forget looking at that electoral college map as the country suddenly turned into a red nation. Hillary, you suck.

Let’s face it, regardless of your political beliefs, Hillary was far more qualified for the job than the guy who has never done anything political in his life and still managed to get absolutely destroyed. How did this even happen?

The answer’s simple, homegirl couldn’t inspire anyone to actually go out and vote for here. Yes, there was a quiet majority of people who were secretly voting for Trump but knew they’d be ostracized if they made that public but at the end of the day, I still think more people wanted Hillary to be president. They just weren’t in any hurry to go vote for her.

Ultimately, Hillary is one of the most hated humans on the planet. I think it’s borderline impossible for a woman to rise to power without coming off as heartless, emotionless, cutthroat and kind of cunty. That’s extremely unfair but fun fact, most people are stupid. It’s insane to me that people are still uneasy about having a female president, especially Hillary, a woman who looks like she’s never had or even wanted to have an orgasm in her life.

But perhaps I shouldn’t be too hard on Hillary. Donald Trump literally beat everyone. He beat Marco Rubio. He beat Jeb Bush. He beat Ted Cruz. I’m pretty sure as I write this, he is literally beating Chris Christie with a shoe to get him off of the sofa because he’s getting cookie crumbs everywhere.

Sooo Hillary’s political career is just about over. Now she rides into the sunset in the sidecar of Bill Clinton’s motorcycle. We must all sit and witness the madness that is the Trump administration. Hillary Clinton suuuucks for losing to the worst person ever.



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