High School Principal Arrested After Student She Bangs Hands Their Sex Tape To The Police

Courtney Alfred, 39, was charged with sexual battery on Thursday for her relationship with the student while working at Education Alternatives in Bedford, Ohio.

‘He says the relationship started when they were upstairs in the gym alone, that she kissed him on the mouth,’ said Bedford Police Deputy Chief Rick Suts to ABC 15. ‘. ‘Since then, there had been numerous encounters in her van.’

The teen notified police of his relationship with the principal, last week. When sharing the video with officials, police found that the woman seen on the footage had the same tattoo as the administrator.

Local authorities also detailed that there were messages between the two where Alfred tried to give the teen money. He was said to have told authorities that it was to keep him from sharing the affair with Alfred’s husband.



Sooo, we all know what clearly happened here, right? This was a setup. A frame job. This kid intentionally recorded a sex tape with the principal with the plan of immediately sending that tape to the local police precinct. Damn.

Your classic ‘honeypot’ situation. In espionage, the honeypot is a seductive woman placed into the field to extract secrets and codes from men via sex. Poor Courtney Alfred ate that honeypot up like Winnie the Pooh and she’s behind bars.

You know for a fact that every kid watched this sex tape before the police received it. Courtney Alfred must’ve been a hated principal and the senior class came up with the master plan to entice her with some hot tasty boy that she couldn’t resist.

This is disgusting. Free Courtney Alfred. IT WAS A TRAP.





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