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Hey Leon Rose, Don’t Fuck This Up

I love the New York Knicks. I also have a drinking problem and while I type this, I have a browser tab open with XFL spreads for this weekend as I decide which teams I’m ready to spend my last $20 on.

I don’t make good decisions, is my point.

But you know the one man on Earth who makes even worst decisions than I do? New York Knicks owner, Jim Dolan, who has just hired a brand new president of basketball operations: Leon Rose, days after firing Steve Mills.

It’s tough to speculate whether or not Leon Rose is going to succeed in this new position but being pessimistic seems like the only fair reaction knowing that Rose has never worked in an NBA front office and is going from player agent to RUNNING AN NBA TEAM.

Steve Mills had been whispering in Jim Dolan’s ear for nearly two decades just pulling the strings on almost every awful basketball decision the Knicks have ever made and after being fired the week of the trade deadline, he was replaced in moments by Dolan.

This is the textbook definition of a rebound. When you leave a long term relationship, you shouldn’t immediately propose to the first person who makes eye contact with you at the bar.

Although, I suppose that isn’t a fair comparison because James Dolan and Leon Rose have been doing terrible business for years. Prior to Phil Jackson’s atrocious reign as president, Rose and his agency had a stranglehold of the organization.

CAA was the mastermind behind the Carmelo Anthony trade to New York and the dumb contract Melo would later sign that had a no-trade clause for no reason. JR Smith was a CAA representative while he was sipping Hennesy at half time. Former head coach, Mike Woodson, switched to CAA so that he had a better chance at keeping his job with the Knicks in 2012.

The only man who has fucked the Knicks worse than Steve Mills is Leon Rose.

The silver lining is that at least we know Jim Dolan will listen to everything Leon Rose says seeing as how he’s already been bending the knee to Rose for years. If Rose actually knows what he’s doing and makes sound basketball decisions then it’s safe to say there won’t be any interference from the owner who would rather play his kazoo then being responsible for the success or failure of the sports franchise he owns and operates.

My biggest fear is that Dolan signed Rose because of his former top clients like Joel Embiid, Karl-Anthony Towns and Devin Booker without recognizing that team presidents don’t recruit players they have prior relationships with. That’s not how free agency or player acquisitions work in the NBA.

There’s cap room and other GMs and having to play with Julius Randle. So many factors that erase any sort of ‘advantage’ that Dumb Dolan might believe he has after hiring Leon Rose.

There are also reports that Leon Rose could name Jeff Van Gundy or Mark Jackson as the new head coach because they happen to be CAA clients as well which automatically means my biggest fear is a reality.

Protect Mike Miller at all costs.

At the end of the day, the Knicks need to build this correctly and finally stop relying on being ‘THE MECCA’ of basketball. The training facility is in Westchester. You can’t even brag about being New York when the players live in Tarrytown.

There is no glamour in being a last place team and a roster full of Bobby Portis’s.

Continue to build for the future by acquiring draft picks and cap flexibility. No more quick fixes that end in giving Joakim Noah max contracts or trading for Eddy Curry.

So don’t fuck this up, Leon Rose, even though you 1000% are going to fuck this up because you look like you were running around the diamond distract chasing after Adam Sandler in Uncut Gems.






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