Hey Jay Bruce, you there?

Soo the biggest splash of the 2016 MLB trade deadline was the New York Mets acquisition of Jay Bruce from the Cincinnati Reds (after they failed to acquire Jonathan Lucroy). Bruce was supposed to step into the heart of the Mets lineup and be the big run producer the team desperately needed. Laugh out loud.

Bruce was hitting over .330 with runners in scoring position as a member of the Cincinnati Reds. In New York, he only batted .237. That’s a significant drop off for a guy who basically went from clutch to ordinary seemingly overnight. Is that just what happens when you throw on a Mets jersey. Does David Wright pick you up at the airport and has a Training Day-esque monologue followed by him making you smoke angel dust. I didn’t know Jay Bruce liked to get wet.

Is Bruce a huge disappointment? Fucking yes. Is he the reason why the Mets lost to the San Francisco Giants? I mean, did the Mets score a run? Then yes, the guy you trade for to drive in runs, drove in zero runs. I feel comfortable blaming Jay Bruce forever. Be better.

In Jay’s defense, he still hasnt found what he was looking for during the Mets champagne celebration.

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