Hey Alex Cora, Suck On It

Alex Cora was the arrogant asshole manager of the third place Boston Red Sox who is now filing for unemployment after Major League Baseball investigated the 2017 Houston Astros and the 2018 Boston Red Sox and determined that Alex Cora was essentially the ring leader in one of the biggest cheating scandals of this millennium.

As a bench coach for the Houston Astros, Cora along with then outfielder, Carlos Beltran, devised that masterplan to use cameras in the outfield to relay catcher’s signals to the batters in the box via banging on trash cans.

Apparently after winning the World Series in 2017 and being hired in 2018 by the Red Sox, he decided to keep cheating because why not and he walked away with another World Series victory.

This rat fuck.

Although MLB has yet to rule on Alex Cora’s suspension, the Boston Red Sox jumped ahead of the punishment and has already fired Cora to avoid further awkwardness within the organization. Two seasons ago, Cora won 108 games and now he’s probably out of baseball for the rest of his life.


To take a step back and remove my Jason Giambi jersey for a moment, it should be noted that Alex Cora didn’t invent sign stealing. It has existed from the beginning of baseball. Predicting what pitch is coming and making sure the hitter is caught off guard by what pitch is coming is the beauty of the at-bat.

It’s literally the most important action of a baseball game so figuring out a way to game that system and determine what pitch is coming is a massive advantage. Alex Cora didn’t start this yet he seems to have become the scapegoat and the face for the new modern cheating using modern technology.

The 2017 Red Sox and Yankees were warned by the league about using technology to steal signs. Cora wasn’t around for that warning. MLB commissioner, Rob Manfred, did nothing to stop the problem that arose in 2017. This shit could have ended before it even started but instead he allowed the Astros and Cora to do whatever the hell they wanted all season long.

If you cheat on your wife and your wife catches you and simply shakes her head and says ‘ohhhh, you. Okay, knock it off, you silly goose’, you know what you’re going to keep doing? Cheating on your way-too-understanding wife who doesn’t seem to really give a damn about your whereabouts.

But regardless of how much you believe or respect the warning, it was still a warning and Alex Cora ignored Rob Manfred’s wishes for two years. Not only did he disregard Manfred but he was a cocky little weasel as he was doing it.

Fast forward a calendar year and this man will never step on a baseball field again and at the end of the day, he has no one to blame but himself.





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