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Here’s Why Mark Jackson Would Be The Perfect Head Coach For The New York Knicks

Former Golden State Warriors head coach Mark Jackson is reportedly a candidate to eventually succeed Jeff Hornacek as the coach of the New York Knicks.

Kurt Helin of NBC Sports passed along words from the weekly newsletter of Marc Stein of the New York Times that suggested as much:

“The former Knicks guard Mark Jackson keeps coming up as a hot name to succeed Hornacek, amid a growing belief the Knicks’ new front-office chief — Scott Perry — will want to install his own hand-picked choice heading into next season.

“It’s difficult to fault Hornacek for much of the chaos that has engulfed the Knicks during his two seasons in charge. But there’s no avoiding the fact he was a Phil Jackson selection, which could well doom him now that the organization seems intent on cutting every non-Porzingian tie to the Phil era as possible.”

(Bleacher Report)


I’ve wanted to give Jeff Hornacek the benefit of the doubt throughout his run as New York Knicks head coach because the front office has not made it easy on him. Phil Jackson made him run the triangle offense, a scheme that is archaic and antiquated in today’s NBA. Plus, he had diva Carmelo thinking he was still a freshman at Syracuse even though athletically, he couldn’t leave the hardwood when he tried to jump.

Life was hard for Jeff.

But what’s his excuse this season? Last year, the Knicks finished 31-51 and they are currently 26-45, which is worse as you can see. His refusal to play Frank Nitilikina because he loved Jarrett Jack so much was strange and like every Knicks coach before him, he used Kristaps Porzingis incorrectly.

Enter Mark Jackson.

While at Golden State, Jackson improved the Warriors record every single season he was there starting with 23 wins in 2011 to 47 the next and 51 in his final season in the Bay.

Sure, you can make the argument that Mark Jackson had a generational talent in Steph Curry but the Knicks have Porzingis and after the 2018 NBA Draft they could very well end up with Trae Young out of Oklahoma or Colin Sexton from Alabama, two dynamic point gods who can run n gun with Kristaps.

Plus, and most importantly, look how great the Warriors became once they fired Jackson’s ass. Mark Jackson is the perfect head coach to bridge the gap between being one of the worst teams in the NBA to becoming perennial title favorites.

I cannot wait to fire Jackson in three years and then hire the 2021 version of Steve Kerr. Knicks in 4…in 2022. It’ll be me, Mike Breen and Charles Oakley in a battle royale with Madison Square Garden security. Come thru.





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