Here’s Why Donald Trump Will Never Truly Denounce White Supremacists

White Supremacists have been emboldened to take to the streets with Walmart tiki torches, Macklemore haircuts and unite to march in Charlottesville over a Confederate statue because their president not only turns a blind eye to the chaos but endorses that mentality.

I’ll admit, this is a pretty motley crew of bloggers, geeks and losers who wear t-shirts under their polos in the middle of the summer. Not a great look for the Nazis to be sure. Individually, these dweebs are harmless but together they are indicative of the complete lack of social and racial progress in the country. They demonstrate the racism that has been bubbling under the surface for years and that bubble has officially burst.

Unfortunately, that burst led to the death of an innocent woman who was run over by a Nazi because it’s 2017 and Nazis are back to publicly murdering people. This entire event should be void of politics. We should all be able to recognize that Nazis are BAD and it doesn’t matter whether they support the left or the right.

But thanks to President Trump, who has hired multiple white supremacists to work in the White House alongside him including the guy who sleeps in the top bunk bed, Steve Bannon, which has all but normalized this behavior.

Here is Donald Trump’s initial reaction in which he makes it extremely clear that he condemns violence on ‘MANY SIDES’. I assume this is a reference to the few Black Lives Matter protests that ended in violence. The handful of assholes that took things too far in the name of BLM doesn’t represent the whole idea of Black Lives Matter which is very simply that black people should be treated equally.

In comparison, white supremacists aren’t hitting the streets begging people to just recognize that they ‘matter’ but they want to make it clear that they are the only ones that matter. Black Lives Matter doesn’t want to eliminate white people. However, Nazis have been known to kill a jew or two with brazen confidence.

But again, this all goes back to the president who has refused to say anything negative about former KKK leader David Duke during his campaign. Trump has said significantly worse things about Rosie O’Donnell than he was about Nazis. Not a great look.

But why hasn’t Donald Trump truly denounced white supremacy?

Many people believe that he doesn’t want to rock the boat and make his base unhappy. Trump’s entire campaign was targeted at white people who are afraid to relinquish any power to minorities. Lame white dudes who riot with summer leisure torches and enjoy being pegged are his demographic.

But no, that isn’t the reason why he won’t reprimand white supremacists.

People believe it’s political calculus but those people are giving Trump too much credit. Those are the same people who believe that Trump is a genius and ran a smart campaign when in actuality, Hillary Clinton had the personality of construction paper. He isn’t a brilliant political mastermind, he is a fool who won because he spent all of his campaign visiting towns full of other fools who didn’t like having an intelligent black president for the last eight years so they wanted the polar opposite.

But again, he’s not a political mastermind.

The real reason why Donald Trump will never truly denounce white supremacists is that it’s his one core belief. He’s not trying to keep his supporters happy. He isn’t angling for four more years in office. He merely agrees with the Nazis marching in Charlottesville. It’s that simple.

To speak negatively of their actions would physically hurt him. It would be the equivalent of me having a press conference in which I say that Derek Jeter is a trash baseball player. I’d never be able to do it. I’d say things like ‘well there are many bad shortstops in the world and we shouldn’t single just Derek Jeter out’ or I’d go golfing every single weekend instead of facing my responsibility.

Donald Trump will never truly condemn white supremacists because he agrees with them.




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