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Here’s What Pat Shurmur Had To Say About Kyle Lauletta’s Shitty Performance

What Happened?

From the moment he was drafted in the 4th round, Giants fans were waiting to see Kyle Lauletta get into an NFL game as Eli Manning is 78-years old and is the quarterback leading this team to back-to-back losing seasons.

We were desperate for a change and for a youthful future. 

Then this happened:

And it become extremely clear almost immediately why Pat Shurmur wasn’t playing Kyle Lauletta. The kid stinks at football which some might say is a bit of a problem for a professional football player.

Instead of defending his rookie QB, who went 0-for-5 with that interception, Shurmur decided to hit all of us with a Taylor Swift style ‘look what you made me do’.

Ah yes, you are right, Shurmur. It is our fault for pressuring you, the man who was hired because last season you made Sam Bradford and Case Keenum look like MVP’s, for forcing you into developing a young quarterback to replace Eli Manning. How dare WE have expectations of you?

I totally get that Pat Shurmur probably saw Lauletta in practice every day and was like ‘this kid sucks. He’s not ready’, but it’s Shurmur’s job to GET HIM READY.

Throwing him out there to the wolves just prove a point is an asshole move and then getting mad at the media and the fans like they put a gun to your head and made you play Lauletta is weird.

But now we all know, Kyle Lauletta is bad at this. We can now go forward knowing that this year’s first round pick, Saquon Barkley, could fuck around and win the MVP award and next year’s first round draft pick, will be Eli Manning’s replacement.

It was that simple, Pat. We no longer will ask you about Lauletta. The man sucks.





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