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Here’s What Everyone Gets Wrong About Greg Bird

Greg Bird has had a pretty disappointing career to this point riddled with injuries and groundouts directly into the shift. He started his MLB career in 2015 replacing Mark Teixeira and in 46 games, Bird hit 11 homers with 31 RBIs and batted .261. For comparison sake, Bird has played 41 games in 2018 and has hit 8 home runs with 21 RBIs and he’s batting .221. Not great stuff.

As of late, however, Bird is proving that he actually is as good as we all assumed he’d be. Bird is batting .333 over the last 7 games with a couple of BOMBS and 11 RBIs. He hit his first career grand slam last week in an effortless swing that I’ve watched every night before bed since.

After an entire season of hearing fans say that they want to trade Bird or acquire a first baseman or move Brandon Drury over to replace him, I need to sit you guys down and explain to you how ridiculous it is to expect Greg Bird to be an MVP candidate this season.

Greg Bird is 25 years old.

He’s suffered a torn labrum that cost him a full season in 2016 and an ankle bruise that required season-ending surgery in 2017. My man literally hasn’t played that much baseball over the last few years.

We’re treating him as if he’s been struggling for years but in actuality, this season is the most baseball he’s played since 2015. If you use to go to the gym every day and bench press 300 pounds but then suffered injury after injury and tried to go back to the gym and lift 300 pounds again after a three-year hiatus, you’re going to kill yourself.

Let’s also factor in that he’s a human being who is sitting in the dugout injured watching guys he came up with like Gary Sanchez and Aaron Judge have huge impacts immediately while he’s wearing a sling or a walking boot.

His self-esteem must’ve been non-existent last season when he finally came back from an ankle injury and the team was like ‘nah, we’d rather have Chase Headley and Todd Frazier out there playing first than you, our first baseman.’

But the 2017¬†postseason was Greg Bird’s coming out party. He hit 3 homers with 6 RBIs including a huge bomb off Andrew Miller in the ALDS. 2018 was supposed to be his year. After Derek Jeter left Giancarlo Stanton on the Yankee Stadium front doorstep, Bird was going to be the big lefty in the middle of the batting order between Judge and Stanton.

Andddd then he needed ankle surgery and missed the first two months of the season. Not only did Bird suffer ANOTHER injury but then he returned to split time with Tyler Austin. Do you know a surefire way to destroy the confidence of your 25-year old starting first baseman? Have him split time with another 25-year first baseman who is competing to take his job.

This is the first time since 2015 that we are seeing the real Greg Bird hit extra base hits and drive in runs. We are seeing his effortless power. That swing is artwork.

If you still believe that the Yankees need to replace Bird then you are simply overlooking that these players aren’t just names in the boxscore. They are humans whose confidence can be shaken by injuries, lack of job security and the overall success of their teams.

Greg Bird is the Prince That Was Promised and no one can tell me otherwise.





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