Here’s The Real Reason Why You Love Tony Romo

Tony Romo is brilliant in the booth and his talents were on full display this weekend during the AFC Championship game as he did what he did best. He turned into one of those precogs from Minority Report and predicted every single play the New England Patriots were about to run and he was right every single time. Romo is a precog.

He was so captivating that CBS immediately offered him a raise in salary as Romo has solidified himself as the premiere color analyst for NFL games. At this point, Romo probably has his choice at any job in sports broadcasting that he desires. If you hate Monday Night Football’s weird 3 man booth, Romo can easily swoop in, save that program and turn himself into the next John Madden.

In a world where we exclusively shit on sports commentators, Tony Romo appears to have universal approval. I dare you to say something negative about that man’s work. Your Twitter account will get suspended before the tweet even sends.

But as much as we all celebrate watching to see if Tony Romo’s play predictions will come to fruition, that’s not the real reason why we all love hearing him call games although it definitely adds a roulette-style/Playstation mini-game level of excitement to the broadcast.

No, the real reason why we all rejoice in Tony Romo’s play calling is because for once, there is a sports commentator who genuinely sounds like he loves the sport.

It’s gotten to the point where I have to watch some ESPN NBA games on mute because the broadcast team spends two hours complaining about the sport that they’re currently being paid to give play-by-play for.

It is infuriating to watch the Golden State Warriors play a primetime game while Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson complain about how ‘back in their day’ players didn’t shoot as many 3’s and the game was better in the 80’s.

We get it, you guys used to shoot midrange jumpers and you punched each other in the chest on every layup attempt. Sorry guys are allowed to clothesline each other anymore.

It is borderline impossible to fully love a game when the broadcast crew keeps shitting on everything throughout the entire time.

Dear baseball analysts, stop whining about how pitch counts are ruining the game and that in the good ol’ days, no one ever struck out and blah blah. How about we pretend we like the sport we’re being paid to promote and not use your air time as an opportunity to be the old man yelling at cloud.

Tony Romo is so into the games that he can’t even control the sounds coming out of his face. My man is ejaculating in the booth watching football. Enthusiasm is contagious. Romo has the power to inspire an entire generation of football fans while Charles Barkley hates on every single player in the NBA.

Hire commentators that love the game as much as Tony Romo clearly does.



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