Here’s The Real Problem With The Roseanne Revival

Roseanne is BACK whether we like it or not. Growing up, I loved this show. Roseanne Barr and John Goodman were my parents. Rarely do we see poor families on TV and especially poor white families as there is a quiet majority of people that believe white people aren’t ‘supposed’ to be poor but that’s a conversation for another day.

But this new version of Roseanne leaves a sour taste in your mouth as you’re watching it. They have turned Roseanne into an ignorant Trump supporter which, on paper, can be the fulcrum for great comedy playing off of her misinformed opinions and potential delusions of the world.

It’s a smart move on the network’s part to introduce a show for ‘them’. Trump rose to power because there was a community of people, most likely found in Reddit forums and Youtube comments, that felt underserved by the ‘liberal media’. Roseanne is now the gift they’ve earned. A comedy where the star thinks and sees the world just like them and the sister, Jackie, is the weirdo with the left-leaning views. She’s the odd one looking in, for a change.

But the real problem isn’t that the star is a goofy Trump supporter. The problem is the star is Rosanne, an internet troll who believes Hillary Clinton helped organize a child sex trafficking ring out of a pizza place and a woman who cosplays as a Nazi for fun.

The showrunner, Bruce Helford, tried to explain why we should give Roseanne a pass for her own personal beliefs:

“There should be an understanding that there is a difference between people’s personal politics and what you present onscreen,”

There are too many smart writers in that room for them to overlook the fact that Roseanne Barr is an absolute wildcard politically. Wanda Sykes, Whitney Cummings and Norm MacDonald write for this show. I trust what they were trying to make.

Everyone looks at All in the Family as the model for a perfect sitcom. Archie Bunker, the patriarch of the family, has old antiquated beliefs and he is essentially ‘schooled’ week after week and in the process, he pushes the envelope for what is ‘politically correct’ and was commonly referred to as the ‘lovable bigot’. How charming.

The huge difference being, Archie Bunker didn’t post photos of himself dressed as Hitler putting Jewish cookies in a fucking oven. We didn’t know anything about Carroll O’Connor’s personal beliefs. We didn’t have to separate the man from the art because he wasn’t in our faces ya know, being a bigot in real life.

I should mention, I think the Roseanne revival is funny.

Everything John Goodman touches turns to gold. Laurie Metcalf is an absolute star now so seeing her walk into the house was like seeing a special guest star that made you think ‘wow, they got an Oscar nominee to cameo on this random sitcom?’

But it’s impossible to separate the ignorant Trump supporter, Roseanne Connor, from the ignorant Trump supporter, Roseanne Barr. The comes off more as a documentary then a sitcom and I can’t help but root for Roseanne to fail.





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