Here’s The Problem With Donald Trump’s Trans Military Ban

So everything that needs to be said has pretty much been said. Donald Trump promised to defend the rights of gay and transgender people and one of the biggest decisions he made so far as president was to strip trans people of their right to defend America in the military.

There are anywhere between 1,320 and 6,630 transgender people currently serving in the armed forces at the moment. Which is another way of saying that there are 1,320 to 6,630 brave individuals willing to put their lives on the line to protect mine which is cool because like, I’m more focused on like, Youtube videos and stuff than ya know, shooting folks.

The mindset behind this ban is to reduce spending. This isn’t necessarily meant to kick trans people out of the military but to prevent those individuals who are transitioning to enter the armed forces because apparently, the cost of their medical bills for hormones and such is sooo expensive.

That may seem like a good reason. “We need to reduce spending!’, says the uninformed conservative who somehow thinks that by cutting a few million on trans people in the military that every American citizen will suddenly get a fraction of that money sent to them in a check tomorrow.

America spent $28 million on Afghan camouflage uniforms that straight up doesn’t work. Might as well have sent troops out there in bright neon colored t-shirts, it would’ve been far less expensive. But nope, the part of the budget that needs to be cut is the part that completely alienates an entire community of people.

The worst part about this trans military ban is that this doesn’t even really have anything to do with transgender people or cutting a few extra million. Donald Trump’s squad presented a health care bill last week and it was shot down instantly. The president was embarrassed and needed a quick W so he signed this legislation real quick simply to ice his bruised ego.

Round of applause to Donald Trump who history will remember as the guy who went four years by making every decision based off of how low his self-esteem was at the time.



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