Here’s The Perfect Way To Use Jonah Hill in a Batman Movie

It is being reported that Jonah Hill will be joining the Robert Pattinson led ‘The Batman’ film to be directed by Matt Reeves.

It’s interesting to think we went from Ben Affleck both starring and directing his own Batman movie, to Matt Reeves becoming the director, to Ben Affleck dropping out entirely, to the guy from Twilight becoming the new Batman, to Jonah Hill co-starring in what will now be 21 Gotham Street.

Remember when DC was attempting to build their own DCEU anddd then Justice League was the most forgettable film ever created and Ben Affleck scurried away because the reviews were mean to him? And now DC is just making Joker arthouse movies and super niche Batman films for no reason.

I blame Suicide Squad for being the worst thing ever made.

But Jonah Hill’s role has yet to be revealed which means it’s time to wildly speculate based on nothing at all.

There are a lot of obvious roles like The Penguin or The Riddler. We get it, Jonah Hill has been chubby so he should play the chubby Penguin. Makes sense.

If Matt Reeves makes a Batman vs. Penguin movie then Warner Bros can just go ahead and throw that shit out.

The Riddler character was last portrayed by Jim Carey which has ruined The Riddler turning him into The Mask. I don’t want to see Jonah Hill trying to do a Jim Carey impression. I don’t even want to see Jim Carey doing a Jim Carey impression

It would be hilarious to see Jonah Hill dressed as The Joker in a trailer. At this point, why not? Everyone gets to be The Joker once.

So who should Jonah Hill play in The Batman movie?

It’s simple.

Batman speeds to a crime scene in the Batmobile while Robin skateboards behind him, vaping and listening to 90’s rap. Fuck it. Change Batman entirely. It’s the only way you can beat Marvel. Batman and Robin are hipsters who fight crime like, when they feel like it or whatever.

Or just make Jonah Hill Batman. That’s how you sell tickets. It would still be better than that George Clooney movie.

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