Here’s The Best Part of Lamar Jackson’s Phenomenal Week 1 Performance

The Baltimore Ravens beat the Miami Dolphins 59-10. It was such a brutal beatdown that Dolphins players asked their agents to request trades for them. The Dolphins had such a bad day at work that they went home and updated their cover letters.

Lamar Jackson finished 17-for-20 with 324 yards and 5 touchdowns and a perfect passer rating. He only had to play three quarters before the Ravens mercied the Dolphins and sent out RGIII to be a weirdo or whatever it is he does.

The biggest question mark facing the Ravens was whether or not Lamar Jackson could actually throw the football after he leaned so heavily on his ability to scramble last season.

In the playoffs, the Chargers took away his running game and Lamar looked mediocre as hell in the pocket which made all of the scouts who doubted him smile ear to ear as they got to finally hit everyone with that ‘I told you so’ even though Jackson went 7-1 as a starter and carried Baltimore to the postseason while Joe Flacco frowned on the sidelines.

Motherfuckers really thought Lamar should switch to wide receiver coming out of college even though he was the 2016 Heisman Award winner. He was the best quarterback in college and played quarterback his entire life but ‘experts’ thought it would make sense for him to become a receiver, a position he had never once played ever.

Turns out, Lamar Jackson can slang the rock.

Now, we should take a deep breath and remember that this is only Week 1 and we probably shouldn’t overreact to any outcome positive or negative. No team is in their final form and most teams are still in their preseason.

It’s even more crucial to point out that the Miami Dolphins decided to enter this season with zero good football players on their football club. Seemed like an odd decision and so far, the results have been questionable at best. Not the best team building example. Won’t be taught in universities across the nation.

But here’s the most fascinating part of Lamar Jackson’s amazing week 1 performance: everyone celebrated it.

Scrolling through the timeline on football Sunday, no one had a bad thing to say about Lamar. No one qualified his performance by bringing up how bad the Dolphins are. No one tried to bring him down at all.

Lamar Jackson has a universal approval rating which is SHOCKING.

For those of you unaware: racism is a thing. As far as the NFL has come, there are still crusty white people questioning the abilities of black quarterbacks as recently as last season when some folks had wild shit to say about Deshaun Watson.

We also live in a time where people’s hot takes live on Twitter forever so a lot of these talking heads will actively root against players simply hoping their original takes can bear fruit for some sort of social currency that ultimately doesn’t matter offline.

None of that occurred as Lamar Jackson had a legendary Week 1 performance. Is this…is this progress??

*Reads Trump’s timeline* Nope, we’re all going to die.

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