Here’s How Drake Can Secretly Get The W After Pusha T Murdered Him

How Drake can take a W after this Pusha beef

Pusha broke the Internet with “The Story of Adidon” and quite possibly broke Drake’s career or at the very least Drake’s win streak in rap beef. So where does Drake go from here?

The answer? Follow Pusha’s advice.

Seriously, Drake can win over so many people if he comes out and owns the fact that he has a son. We can see Disney Drake! How adorable would that be, his approval rating would skyrocket, and the girls would LOVE it.

Shit, he could probably start his own “Ace Family” type vlogs and call it “Drake Family Vlogs” or something. Point is, Drake can actually leave this beef the better man, not the better rapper-that ship has clearly sailed-but the better man.

As someone who is in school for communications, I’m looking at all the ways this can be spun in Drake’s favor. For starters, he can come out and say:

“I had this child, I wanted to keep it from the media because I did not want to see my child in tabloids”

The media and the Internet at large, is filled with scumbags so who would even blame Drake? We’ve seen what happens to Blue Ivy and North West, or even Dan Gilbert’s son who got roasted during the draft lottery for aging 20 years in 4 years (even though he was recovering from brain surgery)

He can capitalize by flooding the press with “Dad Drake”. Now that the secrets out, Drake can say he is “finally comfortable” with being public. Also the baby is a year old now so there was a reason we never actually saw Drake out like that. We never saw Chance’s child until recently, and still haven’t seen Gambino’s or J Cole’s kids.

After this, Drake has to put out a song dedicated to his son, similar to Gambino’s “baby boy” that was on “Awaken My Love.” Drake can tell his story about what’s been going on this past year and offer his perspective and life as a father.

He has to have this candid moment and let his fans in on his personal life even more so now. Talk about how all of this has affected his relationship with his mother as well, as the song’s in Drake’s catalog about his mom has been some of his best work.

Take them both to Disneyland!!

As it pertains to the rest of Pusha’s disses on that track, I honestly think Drake has to just hold the L on it, maybe he can donate some money to an MS foundation in Oliver 40s name. Pusha went too hard and the diss was a complete dismemberment of a modern icon, so there’s really not much Drake can do now except for just owning it.

Something similar to this situation happened before, as you may remember last year Jay-Z had a line referring to his infidelity saying:

I don’t even know what you woulda done
In the future other niggas playin’ football with your son

Not too long after that, Future was “spotted” spending time with his son and then, of course, had some more parental court dates with Ciara fighting for more custody, go figure.

Point is, Drake can still come back from this, reinvent his image and put himself in even more of a positive light. This would put Drake in an untouchable position, where nobody will feel good about roasting him- I mean who wants to roast the absent black father for getting his shit together and spending more time with his son?

But the ultimate chess move? After all of this; THEN drop the Pusha diss. Time is usually never on your side in rap beef unless it’s a scenario like this. We will all be too preoccupied enjoying Dad Drake, and just when we least expect it …


Drake drops another Pusha diss, focusing on how he himself has changed for the better while Pusha is still glorifying drug dealing music, and then unleash whatever dirt he has on Pusha.

If Drake were to drop a diss now without cleaning up his image or owning the controversies Pusha would just unleash the rest of the dirt he has on Drake-because we know Pusha does not put all his eggs in one basket-and it wouldn’t end well for Drake. So he has to wait it out, fix his image then drop whatever he has, and even if Push responds it wouldn’t even matter to the mass public since the media would be too enamored with Drake’s new persona of a loving father.

It’s your move, Drake.





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