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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Black Panther Injected Directly Into Your Brain

Black Panther is coming to theatres this weekend and it’s the movie we’ve all waited our entire lives for or at the very least, we’ve been waiting since 2008 when Iron Man came out and the Marvel Cinematic Universe became the only thing keeping the movie business afloat.


Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, so probably just Jack Kirby, created Black Panther in 1966 and he was the man from day one. His first appearance was in a Fantastic Four comic book in which he beat the brakes off the team and proclaimed himself king. From day one.

T’Challa is the ruler of Wakanda, a nation in Africa hidden from the outside world to protect their highly coveted natural resource of Vibranium, a metal that can absorb sound waves and vibrations. Vibranium has made Wakanda mega rich from selling small amounts off. T’Challa is essentially a trust fund baby who is rushed into becoming the king when his dad gets murked.



Black Panther gets his power from the Heart-Shaped Herb, of course, as we all know. The plant gives T’Challa enhanced abilities links the Black Panther to the almighty Panther God, whom we all worship night and day. He has super senses, super strength oh, and he’s a genius. No big deal, he is the perfect human. And he happens to be black? What a world.


Cultural Impact

So needless to say, there weren’t many black superheroes in the game before Black Panther. Luke Cage and The Falcon were also created around the same time. Luke Cage is a brother from Harlem but his costume was covered in chains. If I had a time machine, I’d go back to the late 60’s when Stan Lee pitched covering Cage in chains so I can find out if they’re meant to be symbolic or minstrel. Safe bet is on the latter.

T’Challa however, is obviously named after the Black Panther that was out here actually taking action against the KKK who up to that point, were proudly lynching black people in the streets with zero opposition. Yo, America was such an awful place to live until like, the first iPhone came out a decade ago.


Supporting characters

Black Panther rolls deep with the Dora Milaje protecting him. They are the most badass women in Africa, probably the world. T’Challa in the comics is married to X-Men member, Storm, so he’s pretty much surrounded himself with the baddest bitches in the world.


Wakana is literally paradise. Black Panther is the king. White people suck. I’ll see you all on opening night throwing popcorn at that one white couple sitting in the front row as we cheer every time Michael B. Jordan does anything even though he’s the villain of the movie.





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