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Here’s Chuck Schumer Caught on a Hot Mic Wayyy Too Excited About Donald Trump Liking Him

Welll Chuck Schumer is officially a little bitch. After being bullied by Donald Trump for the last 18 months, the two men have finally become civil as they attempt to protect ‘Dreamers’ with DACA. The problem is Trump wanted to remove DACA because he clearly didn’t know how terrible of an idea it would be to remove DACA.

Now Trump is pretending to work with the left to make sure DACA stays in place even though he is the only one from preventing it from continuing to be a law. Chuck Schumer should be pissed at Trump for about a bajillion reasons but instead he’s jumping up and down and dancing like Tom Cruise in Risky Business because Trump is answering his texts.

“He likes me!” Schumer shouts after ripping dandelion¬†pedals one by one for 5 minutes whispering to himself “he likes me, he likes me not”. Trump once made fun of Schumer for pretending to cry while he was talking about losing his family in the Holocaust. Schumer now loves Trump.

What a little bitch.






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