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Here’s Another Stat Proving That Dave Gettleman Is The Dumbest GM in the NFL

Dave Gettleman is the most inconsistent and unsuccessful decision-maker who continues to be granted the privilege of running an NFL franchise. Gettleman has a 9-23 record with the New York Giants and the team is projected to be a loser once again in 2020.

But one of the biggest frustrations and mistakes that Gettleman continues to make is how he’s handled player contracts and the salary cap. Here’s a fun list of who leads the NFL in dead cap money since Gettleman took over in 2018:

The New York Giants are leading the NFL in dead cap money. Wonderful.

The immediate excuse I saw for having the most dead cap money was somehow congratulatory of Gettleman for rebuilding the team and getting rid of expensive players.

That completely ignores the fact that Gettleman made Odell Beckham the highest-paid receiver in the NFL and then immediately traded him to Cleveland thus leaving a massive black hole in the salary cap. The Giants were paying Odell Beckham to play for the Browns.

Just look at that list of teams. The Dolphins, Cardinals and Jaguars. All. Losers. And the Giants are the worst of the worst. King losers.

And what’s worse is that at least Miami and Arizona have potential stars drafted in the last two seasons with Kyler Murray and Tua Tagovailoa while Daniel Jones is just Gardner Minshew with a country club membership.

Dave Gettleman signed Nate Solder to a 4-year $62 million deal making him the highest-paid offensive lineman. He is without of doubt one of the worst tackles in the league and you can say that there was no way to predict he’d be that bad but list off all the great players that left the New England Patriots and continued to be as productive in their new landing spots? It’s a list of zero names. And Gettleman gave a former Patriot the most money ever. Awesome.

Combine that with drafting a running back with the No. 2 overall pick thus instantly making him one of the Top 5 highest players in his position. This motherfucker does not understand the salary cap and the value of the draft. You have a top 5 paid running back and one of the worst offensive lines in front of him. That’s how you win 9 games in two seasons.

It’s why he traded a 3rd round pick which would have been a young player on a cheap deal—to the New York Jets for Leonard Williams and then franchise tagged him thus making him one of the highest-paid defensive linemen in the NFL. Williams recorded a grand total of zero (0) sacks last season. Awesome.

Even decisions like cutting Janoris Jenkins a couple weeks after the trade deadline contribute to the dead cap that Dave Gettleman is insistent on collecting.

Yes, Jackrabbit went on Twitter and called a fan a retard and we all know you never go full retard but the Giants were the worst team in the league and Janoris is talented enough to be traded to a contender at the deadline. He shouldn’t have even been on the roster that late in the season but ya know, Gettleman needed his dead money on the cap.

It’s infuriating watching teams actually rebuild while the Giants probably wish they had another year of Eli Manning understanding beach balls directly into the arms of opposing cornerbacks while making $23 Milly a year.

Let’s see if this pandemic has changed Gettleman in any meaningful way or if he’s currently attempting to accrue more dead cap money as you read this. Most likely the latter. True Life: I Am Addicted to Dead Cap Money.




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