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Here’s An Obligatory Article Defending Eli Manning Against Jalen Ramsey’s Wrath

What Happened?

Eli Manning was also a target of Ramsey’s criticism, with the cornerback crediting Odell Beckham Jr. for the Giants quarterback’s success.

“I won’t say Eli’s good,” Ramsey said. “I’ll say Odell’s good. And their connection is good.”

Manning was asked about the comments and initially refused to respond before weighing in.

“No…no,” Manning said, per Art Stapleton of NorthJersey.com, before adding: “Who?”

(Bleacher Report)


It’s alllll¬†fun and games when Jalen Ramsey is reminding the world that Josh Allen is trash. That is a true fact and we can all look at Allen missing wide open receivers and completing only 50% of his passes to recognize that Allen is garbage. How about you win games in Wyoming against farmers and ranchers before you try to beat NFL secondaries.

I agreed when he said Joe Flacco was trash. I was onboard for that ‘Matt Ryan is overrated’ conversation. Let’s get it. No lies told yet.

Get OUT of here with this ‘I won’t say Eli’s good’ nonsense. Yes, we can all agree that having Odell Beckham makes Eli’s job a lot easier. Last season with Odell out with a broken ankle, Eli’s numbers took a slight dip.

But here’s the thing: 1. My man was throwing to Roger Lewis and Tavares King last year, two guys I wouldn’t recognize at the grocery store tomorrow, where they are probably currently working. And 2. Ereck Flowers is the worst lineman of all time. Enough said. Get off Eli’s nuts.

Let’s also remember that Eli Manning won TWO Super Bowls when Odell Beckham was like in high school. Let’s not pretend like Eli wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for Odell. I will have none of this slander for my future Hall of Fame quarterback.

Eli is 8th all-time in career touchdowns, 6th all-time in passing yards, 9th all-time in 4th quarter comeback and let us not forget that he has the second longest streak for games started. He’s literally only missed one game in his entire career.

Eat a dick, Ramsey.

The New York Giants play against the Jacksonville Jaguars Week 1 of this upcoming NFL season and I cannot wait until Eli Manning puts up 500 yards and 6 touchdowns without targeting Odell one single time all game.




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