Here’s An Obligatory Article About This Obamagate Bullshit

Barack Obama’s post-presidency life consists mostly of sailing with Richard Branson and collecting ridiculous bags from Netflix but when he’s not slowly morphing into a wealthy elite who juuuust missed his invitation to a Jeffrey Epstein party, he’s occasionally talking politics.

Recently he criticized the Trump regime’s handling of the Coronavirus pandemic calling it “an absolute chaotic disaster”.

Naturally, the super racist president who made Russian prostitutes piss on a hotel bed because Barack once slept there, had a totally normal and rational response to that accurate description of how poorly the White House has handled this crisis.

Donald Trump has been shouting ‘OBAMAGATE’ over and over again with no explanation of what he means and just one vague answer to a press conference question about it.

Look at this loser.

The same man who ran with the birth certificate nonsense to delegitimize Barack’s presidency with no evidence and now back to continue his attempt to erase Obama and now he’s using 4Chan theories and refusing to explain himself because he has nothing to explain.

I don’t even want to get into what these assholes believe Obamagate actually is. I don’t want to show up in those Google search results. But there is a faux-theory that Barack Obama, Joe Biden and James Comey all joined forces to create a fake conspiracy about Donald Trump and Russia colluding to win the 2016 election and Barack spied and falsified evidence all to undermine Trump’s victory.

Here’s the obvious problem with this theory: Obama’s genius plan to make Trump look like he worked with Russia to make it look like Trump world with Russia ended in a Trump victory. If these evil deep-state Democrats wanted Donald Trump to lose then they wouldn’t have opened up an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails two weeks before the election. This entire ‘plot’ would have been wildly counterproductive, foolish and a waste of everyone’s time.

What’s more likely: Barack Obama and Russia are close allies that worked together to make Trump look bad or that Trump found some new bullshit to rile up his base of misinformed toxic weirdos while distracting everyone from the fact that the United States has handled this COVID-19 spread fucking atrociously and the White House STILL has no idea what to do so they introduced a wild random new talking point.

This isn’t about Barack or Russia or democracy or whatever. This is a special needs narcissist who got made fun of at a White House Correspondent’s Dinner in 2011 by a brown man he’s jealous of and now he’s dedicated his life to smearing that brown man’s name.

He’s more focused on making Barack look bad then he is about a White House FULL of employees who keep getting coronavirus while he refuses to wear a mask and lies about being tested all the time.

I guess I say all of this to say that Obamagate isn’t a real thing and we should continue ignoring this trash. Stop arguing about what Barack secretly did in 2016 or whether or not we should call it the ‘Chinese Virus’ or if it’s gay to wear a face mask and start looking at your leaders and wondering why they have no fucking solutions to stop the spread of this while every other developed nation has figured this out and why our government is incapable of maintaining our economy in the events of a brief 2-3 month lull where their only solution appears to be throwing more billions at corporations that already have billions.

Fuck Barack and Obamagate.




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