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Here’s An Obligatory Article About The New York Knicks Getting The 8th Pick in the 2020 NBA Draft

The New York Knicks had a 37% chance to win a Top 4 pick in this draft but the NBA has continued their blood feud with this franchise and somehow the Knicks dropped to the fucking 8th pick. I don’t remember the Knicks winning a single game last season yet they draft right ahead of all the teams that were good enough to be invited into the bubble. Wonderful.

The 8th pick is historically just the worst pick in the world.

Outside of New York Knicks legend, Willis Reed, the 8th pick has been an absolute nothingburger of a selection. Reminder, Willis Reed was drafted in 1964. That was the last great 8th pick. The last 8th pick to be named to an All Star team was Vin Baker. He was drafted 27 years ago.

The 8th pick is such a trash location to land in the draft lottery so naturally, the Knicks landed there.

Also incredibly important to point out that the last time the Knicks had the 8th pick they drafted Frank Ntilikina, who is still on the roster but the fact that they still have extended his contract is very telling. Ntlikina is a victim of Dave Fizdale being a weirdo and refusing to play him and it’s being reported that the Knicks are targeting Fred VanVleet in free agency so add another guard ahead of Ntilikina in the depth chart.

Love the 8th pick.

The streets are saying that the New York Knicks are focused on Auburn forward, Isaac Okoro, who is a defensive specialist and I’m told is a ‘winner’ which is a strange thing to label a 19-year old but go off, scouts.

The problem is, Okoro cannot score the ball. Now, if you’re watching this first round matchup between OKC and Houston, you’ll see Luguentz Dort just putting James Harden in handcuffs and might think the Knicks need a wing defender like that.

Except, Dort is surrounded by Chris Paul, Shai Gilgeous Alexander and Danilo Gallinari while Okoro would be on the court with Julius Randle and Elfrid Payton. Being a great role player on a shitty team will just make you look like a shitty player.

Again, the Knicks were awful last season and we’re talking about role players with the 8th pick. This organization simply needs more talented players outside of RJ Barrett and Mitch Robinson.

The Knicks also have enough draft picks in their stash to move up in this draft and the Minnesota Timberwolves mentioned they’d be okay with trading down. Jumping from No.1 to No. 8 seems impossible but that’s what you collect draft assets for. The flexibility to even get on the phone and have that convo with Minnesota.

I think Anthony Edwards is a potential beast in this league and uh, LaMelo Ball is fine or whatever. I don’t think. This draft sucks. This draft lottery was a hate crime.

Leon Rose has hired a brand new front office full of highly respected adults for the first time in my life so I do actually trust that they’ll make the correct pick but this 8th pick is a death sentence. The Knicks are being cancelled by the NBA and here’s my 10,000 word essay about Cancel Culture.


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