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Here is the Real Reason Why Dave Gettleman Traded Olivier Vernon and Snacks Harrison

“Part of the responsibility of the general manager is to eliminate distractions,” Gettleman said at the NFL scouting combine in February.

Gettleman made that comment when talking about whether to use the franchise tag on Collins and subsequently create an unhappy safety. But it can likely be applied to a lot of his moves.

Beckham had his issues this past season. Vernon had a run-in with Shurmur during a team meeting last season when he took offense to the coach’s public criticism; it occurred in front of the entire team. Pierre-Paul and Harrison had a confrontation late in 2017, right around the time Gettleman arrived. Harrison then wasn’t around for most of the new regime’s first offseason, which didn’t seem to sit well. Apple, meanwhile, was suspended right after Gettleman was hired. (ESPN)

If you’re a New York Giants fan, you have to burn Dave Gettleman’s office to the ground for doing this. This is the absolute dumbest way to run a sports franchise.

Dave Gettleman really walked in and shipped out anyone who he believed to be a ‘locker room distraction’. It’s the NFL. Every player outside of Eli Manning and Russell Wilson, are assholes. Especially on the defense. Do you realize the type of mentality you need to have in order to slam your head into a running backs head 20 times a week? Of course they’re manics.

Gettleman didn’t even try to establish relationships with the players who were already on the team. He came in WANTING to have an issue with guys and he found it.

Imagine getting a new boss at work tomorrow and he intentionally provokes you hoping to get a reaction out of you just so that he can find a reason to fire you and hire his own staff.

Damon Harrison is one of the best run-stopping nose tackles in the game. Perhaps number one. Olivier Vernon led the team in sacks last season. Odell Beckham is the most talented player in Giants history.

Gettleman traded them for scraps because he’s a narcissist who wanted to tear down what the previous GM built. If he hadn’t removed those players and the Giants had any success, Gettleman’s fragile ego wouldn’t be able to handle not receiving 1000% of the credit for building the roster.

Well congrats, Dave.

Now there are zero good players on the roster. Not a single pro-bowler in sight outside of Saquon Barkley, who is going to be driven into the ground by the time Eli Manning is finally gone.

Fuck Dave Gettleman.

Also real quick, what were Snacks and JPP arguing about? Snacks seems like the nicest guy on Earth. Snacks is also a monster so just add that to JPP’s list of stupid mistakes:

  1. Fighting Snacks
  2. Blowing up his hand

But anyway, yea, fuck Dave Gettleman


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