Here is the Real Problem With The Joe Biden You Aint Black Comment

The Breakfast Club: where democratic presidential candidates go to be exposed as the weirdos they are. First Hillary Clinton whipped out a packet of truck stop hot sauce weeks after the Beyonce song came out in the most obvious pander ever. Then Elizabeth Warren vomits nonsense when asked about being a faux-Native American and now Joe Biden is screaming about black people. As is tradition.

Instant backlash.

Let’s just start off by saying that he’s completely correct. And not in a way that blackness is defined by your political affiliation but if you’re black and voting for Donald Trump then you might as well hop in those alt-right incel Skype calls with Doja Cat and her friends.

Donald Trump has gathered a White House and now a nation of low IQ assholes who benefit from the scapegoating of brown people. Whether they’re poor whites who believe it’s the brown people that are taking away job opportunities and resources away from them or they’re a wealthy CEO who is actually taking away resources from poor whites but want to distract them with racism. Trump’s America stinks for minorities.

Everyone is mad at an old white dudewho has a questionable past of writing and championing legislation that has made life worse for black people—telling black people how to behave and how to be black. 

But Donald Trump, his opponent, has said far worse shit and as you read this, he’s most likely in the middle of a racist rant about Indians or whatever.

But there is an actual problem with Joe Biden’s comments that lie underneath the surface below all of the social media heroes jumping off a cliff to dunk on Biden. Again, Biden deserves to be dunked on but the outrage is pointed in the wrong direction.

The problem isn’t that Biden said that if you don’t vote for him, you’re not black. It’s that his entire campaign is nothing. His entire promise is ‘vote for me because I’m not him’ which is pretty much the exact campaign that Hillary Clinton ran in 2016 and if I recall correctly, she did not win that one. Darn.

Joe Biden’s campaign isn’t offering black people anything. He’s simply saying that if you don’t vote for him then you’re stuck with Trump and it’ll be your own faults for that. That’s not a fucking campaign. That is not how you inspire voters to leave their homes and go to a voting booth to select your name.

It’s like the Democratic forgets there’s a third option of not voting. Regardless of how you feel about the end results, Barack Obama won because he offered change and hope and blah blah. Donald Trump won because he offered to drain the swamp and build a wall. And sure, those two men didn’t do any of that shit but they gave voters something to go vote for.

Joe Biden isn’t offering anyone a damn thing. He didn’t say he was going to improve life for black people. He just said he knows some black people from when he was a lifeguard on the other side of the train tracks 900 years ago. Shout out Corn Pop.

So those are the choices. Get stuck with four more years of Trump or…not. Bernie Sanders was offering health care and education and he was treated like an enemy of the state because he said Cuba had a good medical system. Which is true. And irrelevant. We decided to stiff arm the candidate actually offering people change and a better life for an elderly special needs cop who is giving us nothing because he believes in nothing.

If you vote for Donald Trump, you ain’t black. Facts. Feel you.

But if you vote for Joe Biden then you don’t respect yourself enough to believe you’re deserving of a leader who actually gives a shit about you. Trump allowed 100,000 people to die of Coronavirus as he continues to scoff as scientists and doctors. But what makes you believe that Biden would have handled this any better? There is NOTHING about Joe Biden that is inspiring. I dare him to draw a clock.

Either you vote for the rapist who is going to give the republican party every tax break and inhumane immigration policy they want or you vote for Donald Trump.

Stop electing these people. I promise you, you deserve better.






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