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Here Is The One Thing That Everyone Keeps Getting Wrong About Colin Kaepernick’s Collusion Case Against The NFL

Today, Jon Gruden and the Oakland Raiders signed Nathan Peterman, the worst quarterback in NFL history.

As expected, anytime a quarterback gets signed, it’s impossible to not make the same ‘how is this guy a better option for your team than Colin Kaepernick’ tweet. It’s old hat at this point.

NFL teams have truly run out of all excuses especially after what the Washington Redskins did this season. Washington singlehandedly crossed off every excuse on the list in like, a 3 week span.

Teams said that they couldn’t sign Colin Kaepernick because he hasn’t played in two years. But then after Alex Smith and Colt McCoy broke their legs, Washington brought in Mark Sanchez and Josh Johnson, neither of which were anywhere near the game of football all year.

Kaepernick hadn’t thrown a pass since 2016. Two years. That’s a decently long time. I get it, or whatever. But Josh Johnson hadn’t thrown a pass in an NFL game since 2013.

So throw away the excuse that he’s been out of the game too long. Derek Anderson was RETIRED and he started a Bills game against the New England Patriots on Monday Night Football.

Speaking of Josh Johnson, teams said that Kaepernick couldn’t learn or fit into their complex offensive systems. Kaepernick was known for his ability to scramble out of the pocket when a play broke down.

Josh Johnson had appeared in 2 games this season. He’s rushed for 96 yards. Josh Johnson is doing exactly what Kap could and would be doing but a worse version of it.

And to cap things off, teams can’t use the ‘we don’t want to bring in a distraction’ excuse anymore. The Washington Redskins signed Reuben Foster less than a week after he slapped the shit out of his girlfriend and was cut by the San Francisco 49ers.

You know what’s a distraction? Having to hold MULTIPLE press conferences explaining why you signed a domestic abuser without even calling the police precinct to get more information about the incident.

Through all of the nonsense, Colin Kaepernick remains unsigned and seems poised to win his collusion lawsuit in which he claims that all 32 NFL franchises joined forced to black ball him from the league.

But here’s the one thing everyone gets wrong about the collusion case:

The NFL doesn’t care.

Whether it’s Nathan Peterman or Mark Sanchez or Matt Barkley, it doesn’t matter. I might be the Jaguars starting QB by this time next year before Kaepernick even gets brought in for a workout.

Colin Kaepernick is never playing in the NFL again and the owners are willing to just pay into a lawsuit and keep it moving. Yes, they will play in court and try to use their resources to outspend Kap in legal fees and hope he drops the case.

But for everyone who is like ‘they signed Peterman?? Well, looks like Kaepernick just got another piece of evidence for his collusion case’, you’re missing the point.

The owners don’t give a shit. Any sort of ‘black eye’ that the league receives for kicking Kaepernick out has already happened and they’ve moved on completely unscathed by it.

They know we’re going to watch regardless and there is no consequence. If anything, there’s only one gain for the owners. They just ensured that all future (black) players will stay in line with their hands on their hearts singing the National Anthem before the games like Whitney Houston.

Fuck the NFL.





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