Here is the One Massive and Inexcusable Failure of the 2018 New York Yankees

The New York Yankees are about to begin one of their weirdest offseasons in franchise history as they are coming off a 100 win year yet they still didn’t even have a shot at winning the AL East. The Boston Red Sox are objectively the best team in baseball and the Yankees don’t have many answers for it.

There are a few directions that the Yankees can go. It is being reported that the Yankees front office pretty much plans on bringing back the same exact team by re-signing Gardner, Sabathia, Happ, Robertson and Walker.

I don’t necessarily have a problem with that except for the fact that Boston is pretty much bringing back the same exact roster as well sooo what’s this magic variable that is suddenly propelling the Yankees over the Red Sox?

If anything, the Yankees will be worse considering that Didi Gregorius will most likely be out for the season so the star shortstop is being replaced by whom? Neil Walker at second base and Gleyber Torres at short? Boston in 4.

Personally, I would sign Manny Machado and Bryce Harper the second free agency began. I’d give them private jets and majority stock in the organization if I had to but unfortunately, I am not in charge. I keep refreshing my email to make sure I don’t miss the job offer but as of now, I don’t run the Yankees.

But the Yankees just broke the all-time single-season record for home runs.

Sure, the team struggled with timely hitting with runners in scoring position but the team doesn’t necessarily need Machado or Harper. Bring everyone back 100% healthy (minus Didi *wipes tear*), replace Greg Bird’s bullshit with Luke Voit’s triceps, teach Gary Sanchez how to hit singles and the offense will be fine.

The Yankees pitchers stink.

Masahiro Tanaka is my favorite player on this roster and he consistently leads all pitchers in home runs allowed. Luis Severino might as well yell out ‘HERE COMES MY SLIDER’ before he throws his slider as every opposing batter seems to know exactly what’s coming.

Sonny Gray is a bitch. JA Happ had a really good playoff run but he became the Yankees No. 1 starter in the playoffs. If JA Happ is No. 1 in your pitching rotation then you do not have a pitching rotation.

So what is the massive inexcusable mistake the Yankees made?

Walker Buehler is a 24-year old rookie that started a World Series game for the Los Angeles Dodgers. He threw 7 scoreless innings with 7 strikeouts. He got the L of course because Ryan Madson is the worst relief pitcher in World Series history but Buehler was a monster.

Which young pitchers did the Yankees develop this season?

Chance Adams was supposed to be the next guy up. He was given one start and did fine. 5 innings and only 3 runs allowed. A borderline quality start. Andddd then we never saw him start again. With pitchers on the disabled list and Sonny Gray being a garbage can, why wasn’t Chance Adams given more opportunities to pitch against major league talent?

Justus Sheffield was acquired in that Andrew Miller deal with Cleveland two years ago and he got a grand total of zero starts this season. Baseball America ranked him the No. 3 prospect within the organization and we didn’t see him until September call-ups.

We watched Domingo German aka Michael Pineda 2.0, Luis Cessa who I feel like has never won a start ever and Lance ‘are you going to finish your fries?’ Lynn all get multiple starts this year but Chance Adams and Justus Sheffield weren’t even allowed on the 25-man roster.

You know what would make me feel confident about the Yankees staying pat and bringing the same roster back?

If the team actually spent this past season developing the next great stars for this team. We should be replacing CC Sabathia with the next great CC Sabathia within the organization but instead, Chance Adams and Justus Sheffield are afterthoughts.

I’ve always felt weird about the Yankees coaching staff but honestly, get rid of everyone. The coaches in this organization are not making the players better. No one is being developed. Every player seems to be getting worse every season.

Fire the coaches. Bring everyone back, sure whatever. Develop Chance Adams and Justus Sheffield into Cy Young candidates. Win every game. Repeat.




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