Happy Hour News Shot: Steph Curry is a Moon Truther and Godzilla is Really Out Here

Tonight’s Happy Hour News Shot we have Steph Curry going full Alex Jones, Nicki Minaj loving sex offenders and Godzilla will murder us and our offspring.

1. Stephen Curry Doesn’t Believe We Landed on the Moon.

So it’s already happening. Little Riley Curry that we used to see at post-game press conferences is about to turn into the next Willow and Jaden Smith because she has ‘don’t believe society’s lies’ ass parents.

2. Nick Young Signs With The Denver Nuggets.

Swaggy P is high as hell right now.

3. Jon Gruden Gets GM Reggie McKenzie Fired.

Jon Gruden won one big game against the Pittsburgh Steelers and immediately demanded the keys to the car. What a flex.

4. The New Godzilla Trailer Isn’t Fucking Around.

Heil King Ghidorah.

5. Offset Has…Regrets


6. The Chicago Bulls Tattled On Their New Head Coach Because They Practiced Too Hard.

The Bulls players called the NBPA because Jim Boylen made them like, play hard or something.

7. Dylan Roof’s Pen Pal Was Planning a Mass Shooting.

Hey new rule: maybe don’t allow the maniac who shot up a church have fucking PEN PALS. If so, maybe, I don’t know, take a look at what he’s writing to people?

8. Nicki Minaj’s New Boyfriend is a Sex Offender.

Nicki Minaj’s new boyfriend is a rapist. Word.

9. Lucky Kid Found MDMA in His Sonic Kid’s Meal.

I would kill for a Sonic smoothie and some molly right now. This is the luckiest kid on Earth.

10. Kyle Lauletta Fucking Sucks.

Okay yea nevermind. Sign Eli Manning to an extension.

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