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Happy Hour News Shot: Pete Davidson is Really Going Through it and Fred Hoiberg Is No Longer a Chicago Bulls Fan

Tonight’s Happy Hour News Shot we have Pete Davidson crying on Instagram, Ariana Grande doesn’t give a fuck about him and Fred Hoiberg and I are both unemployed.


1. Pete Davidson posts on Instagram about being bullied.

I have mixed feelings about people being mean to Pete Davidson. On one hand, it’s weird for everyone to pile on top of a guy who was clearly dumped by the biggest pop star in the world. On the other hand, people were going out of their way to praise this guy and his ‘big dick energy’ simply because he was seen photographed next to her. Sooo….shrug.



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2. (White) People are freaking out because Friends is leaving Netflix January 1st.

Friends is probably playing on TBS right now as I write this. We’ll all be fine.



3. Chicago Bulls fires head coach Fred Hoiberg.

I don’t know what the Chicago Bulls are building. I don’t think the Chicago Bulls know what the Chicago Bulls are building. Fred Hoiberg is lucky to be freed from this prison.



4. Golden State Warriors had a Meningitis scare last season.

Uh, remember at the end of the year when David West said that the team had problems that the world didn’t even know about? Yup, they had a deadly disease floating around their locker room.



5. You can’t see boobs on Tumblr anymore.




6. Ariana Grande covers Pete Davidson tattoo with Mac Miller tribute.

Ariana Grande is a supervillain. If Pete dies we know who killed him. Thank u, next isn’t a cute breakup song. It’s a god damn threat.



7. Marvel is making ‘Shang-Chi’, the first Asian superhero movie.

I’m a comic book nerd. I won’t pretend to know who Shang-Chi is. I do, however, know a cash grab when I see one.



8. Tekashi 6ix 9ine will be resentenced for child sex charge.

69 will be in prison until the end of time.



9. Hootie and The Blowfish are coming back for some reason.

I’m running out of news stories here.



10. Luka Modric wins the Ballon d’Or.

I watched exactly one (1) soccer game. Also, it’s tough to find 10 stories man. Monday’s suck.




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