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Happy Hour News Shot: LeBron James is ‘Toxic’ and Lena Dunham Is Apologizing….Again

Tonight’s Happy Hour News Shot we have LeBron James creating a toxic work environment, Jessica Simpson is ready to square up with Natalie Portman and Lena Dunham is doing Lena Dunham things.


1. Kevin Durant Says The Environment Surrounding LeBron James is Toxic.

I love disagreeing with KD. It’s one of my favorite things in the world. But it’s very clear that win LeBron’s teams win, it’s because of how great LeBron is and when his teams lose it’s everyone else’s fault. *whispers* Durant is still a bitch though.



2. Arizona Diamondbacks Trade Paul Goldschmidt to the St. Louis Cardinals.

As a Yankees fan, I’m SIIIIICK.



3. Lena Dunham Apologize For Saying That a Rape Victim Was Lying

lena dunham

Please stop asking this girl what she thinks about things. Take her wifi away too.



4. Hillary Clinton and Murdered The Trumps at George Bush’s Funeral

Hillary has murdered before and she’ll do it again.



5. Jessica Simpson and Natalie Portman Are At War

Two women that were super famous in 2004 are arguing about something that happened in 1999.



6. USA Gymnastics Files For Bankruptcy

You just HATE to see it. USA Gymnastics is having financial problems? Oh no.



7. Former Seattle Seahawk Brandon Browner Sentenced To 8 Years in Prison For Attempted Murder

I’ll be honest, you can’t try to kill people.



8. Sandra Oh and Andy Sandberg To Co-Host The Golden Globes

Just want to take this opportunity to tell everyone to go watch Killing Eve and Brooklyn Nine Nine right now.



9. New York Giants Safety Landon Collins is Out For The Season




10. The 50 Best Albums of 2018





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