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Happy Hour News Shot: James Dolan Miiiight Sell The Knicks and Offset is an Asshole

Tonight’s Happy Hour News Shot we have James Dolan giving Knicks fans blue balls, Judges waterboarding criminals with Bambi and Offset being the biggest fuckboy of all time.

1. James Dolan Hasn’t Ruled Out The Idea of Selling The Knicks.

How do we get James Dolan on tape saying the n-word like Donald Sterling?

2. Stephen Miller Can’t Even Lie About His Hair Correctly.

Spray. Your Whole. Head.

3. Offset Interrupts Cardi B’s Historic Headline Show To Apologize.

Please don’t cheat on your girl and then embarrass him at work.

4. Indiana Pacers Name Kelly Krauskopf As 1st Female Assistant General Manager in NBA History.

The NBA continues to be the most progressive sports league while the NFL players would kick Kelly Krauskopf in the face if they saw her in an elevator after a long night of drinking.

5. Kanye Cries About Drake Being Mean To Him on the Phone.

I hate you, Kanye.

6. Man Arrested For Poaching Deers Forced To Watch Bambi in Jail Monthly.

For once, the justice system gets it right.

7. The Little Girl That Inspired Woody Allen’s ‘Manhattan’ Speaks Out.

Manhattan is one of my favorite movies ever. I reallyyy wish it wasn’t based off a true story.

8. Yankees Officially Re-Sign JA Happ.

Yankees are on pace to host the Wild Card Play-In game next season. Yay.

9. HQ Trivia CEO Dead.


10. The Top 10 Athletes of 2018.

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