Han Solo Standalone Star Wars Film Finally Has It’s Title and It Sucks

I should make it clear that no matter what this movie was going to be titled, I was going to hate it mainly because the world doesn’t need a Han Solo origin film. He was a smuggler. That’s it. That’s all we need to know. This movie should be a 30-second clip of Harrison Ford looking into the camera and saying ‘I’m just a smuggler, man’.

But here we have it, Solo: A Star Wars Story. I cringed just typing that. I hope May 25th, 2018 never comes because I know I will be at the theatre on opening night like a loser. Rogue One was visually spectacular and did a pretty amazing job of showing the ‘War’ part of Star Wars. However, the plot was nonexistent and pretty pointless in the grand scheme of the Star Wars universe.

What will Solo add to the Star Wars lore beside a Han that isn’t Harrison Ford? It can literally only disappoint. The ceiling for this movie is ‘Hey, I didn’t hate it as much as I thought I would’. Thank you, Ron Howard, for taking over this movie with just enough time in the production to get all of the blame for its inevitable failure. What a martyr.



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