Guy Organizes Anti-Drug March, Turns Out To Be a Drug Dealer

A man who had planned to stage an anti-drug march in the Central Anatolian province of Konya has turned out to be a drug dealer.

The man was caught by Konya police in a raid on a house after receiving a notice about drug trafficking in Karatay’s Doğanlar neighborhood, where they seized 540 grams of cannabis found after most were burned before the raid.

The resident of the raided house was detained on charges of “drug trafficking.”

Police detected the suspect, identified only by his initials G.K., was a member of a drug sellers’ unit operating in the neighborhood.

Police also identified him as one of the organizers of an anti-drug march on July 8.




This is a genius move. The problem is, it was conducted by someone who is so clearly not a genius. This is the ultimate misdirection. Plan a huge anti-drug campaign only to be the plug for the whole neighborhood. This is the equivalent to tobacco companies paying for those ‘Truth’ anti-smoking commercials.

But yea again, you can’t get caught or at the very least, you cannot get caught like, the day of your big march. Gus Fring type move going on here. Push some meth but pretend like you have no idea what meth even is.

Free this man.




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