Guy Murders His Friend Because He Didn’t Dance At His Birthday Party

A 21-year-old man was allegedly murdered by his 24-year-old friend after he refused to shake a leg during the birthday party they had organised for a common friend. The incident occurred in the wee hours of Tuesday in Andheri (East). The accused has been arrested and will be produced in a magistrate’s court today.

On Tuesday, a group of five friends, including Jadhav and Shirvadkar, decided to celebrate their friend’s birthday following which a party was organised. As the party progressed, Jadhav and Shirvadkar downed a few glasses of beer. It was here that Shirvadkar asked Jadhav to dance, but the latter denied. Livid at Jadhav’s denial, Shirvadkar started arguing with him and it snowballed into a fight during which he hit a wooden plank on Jadhav’s head.

(Hindustan Times)


I’ll say this one time and one time only, if you’re coming to my birthday party, come right or don’t come. Hey Jadhav, why did you even leave your house that night if you weren’t going to dance? Look, I’m not going to sit here and condone murder. That’s not a great look for me but like, #FreeShirvadkar.

No one wants to be responsible for bringing that lame friend to the party who is just making everyone uncomfortable by standing in the corner like a creep. Again, I totally understand Shirvadkar being embarrassed by his weird ass friend.

Rest in piece in piece Jadhav but like, this whole situation could’ve been avoided if you just took one more shot and did the dougie on the dance floor. Instead of dancing like no one’s watching, let’s dance like your friend brought you to a fun birthday party and he’s going to murder you unless you raise the roof.




Sidenote: Part of me thinks this story is fake and these people’s names were ripped from a Jungle Book 2 early drafted script.




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