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Guy Breaks Into Amber Rose’s House While She’s Sleeping and Just Chills There For Hours

When Amber Rose woke up on Wednesday, she faced a very creepy realization. According to TMZ, Rose discovered that someone had broken into her house while she was asleep, stayed for four hours, and then left again.

The prowler came in through a window while Amber and an entire entourage (her mom, son, bodyguards, and assistant) were all sleeping. It wasn’t until after he left, TMZ says, that Rose saw the broken window and decided to check the surveillance footage. Horrifyingly, she saw the guy breaking in and then, some four hours later, leaving—apparently without stealing anything.


If you break into someone’s house and you don’t steal or touch anything, you should just be allowed to continue your day as is.1 This poor guy is probably going to end up behind bars because Amber Rose is selfish.

It doesn’t say in the report, but I’d like to imagine that he straight up stood over her bed for 4 hours and watched her sleep. What a legend. If anything, this just points out how bad Amber Rose’s security team is. Pink slips need to be handed out immediately.

Shout out to this creep for breaking into her home while she was asleep and having the self control to take mental pictures and wait to fap when he got home. I mean, I’m shocked this doesn’t happen more often. Amber Rose has the body of Jessica Rabbit. There should be creeps lining up her driveway for her.




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  1. Lester 4 President.

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