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Guy Arrested At Girl’s JV Basketball Game After Punching Referee in the Face

A fan walked onto the court and punched a referee during a girls junior-varsity high school basketball game Thursday at Raytown South High School, according to a police report.

Dwan Marshall Jr., 21, was arrested and charged with assault and disorderly conduct after he left the bleachers and punched referee Dallas Bryant, 33, in the face near the mid-court sideline, the report said.

The punch knocked Bryant to the ground. Emergency medical personnel responded to the scene and transported Bryant to the hospital, according to the report.

Marshall’s father, Dwan Marshall Sr., who was also at the game, told responding Raytown Police officers that Bryant missed several foul calls over the course of the game between the Raytown and Raytown South junior-varsity teams.


There is NOTHING on this planet we call Earth that Dwan Marshall Jr. and Dwan Marshall Sr. love more than the local girl’s junior varsity basketball team. The Marshall boys came to see a fair game and Dallas Bryant ruined their night. In their eyes, Bryant earned that punch in the face.

Everyone knows that girl’s junior varsity basketball is the purest form of basketball possible. The NBA is all about selfish superstars and money. Women’s college basketball is all about UCONN destroying their opponents with no real competition. Even girls varsity is all about impressing cute boys or whatever. The REAL game is girl’s junior varsity basketball. I might pull up some tape of the local teams after I finish writing this.




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