Greg Hardy Wants To Play in the XFL If It Comes Back Because Of Course Greg Hardy Wants To Play in the XFL

“I’m an entertainer, I’ll say that, and I love the game of football. There’s nothing in the world like football fans, man. For drama, for support, for anything you’ll need in life, there’s nothing like football fans,” Hardy said. “So, if I got paid – ’cause we all know I gotta get paid to show up for football – but if I got paid, I’d probably be there, man.”



The XFL is the perfect home for Greg Hardy. If Vince McMahon brings this failed project back to life then he’s going to need talent and obviously, all of the best talent is on NFL rosters already. I can’t imagine anyone running from the secure NFL to the XFL which could last one game before McMahon pulls the plug again. Even Cleveland Brown players will take another 0-16 season before having to play with like, hookers as their wide receivers.

I’m actually really excited about this possibility. The XFL is going to double down on everything that people say is ruining the NFL. If you kneel during the National Anthem, you’ll probably get dragged out in handcuffs. Helmet to helmet hits will most likely be encouraged.

So yes, send Greg Hardy out there to get his head exploded by an angry offensive lineman and the best part is that there will probably be a ‘big pussy rule’ where your team gets penalized if lie on the field hurt like little pussy.

I’ve talked myself into being all the way in on the XFL. Bring in all of the scumbags and have them murder each other Gladiator style. Thank you, Vince McMahon. Hire me.


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