Greg Hardy Should Be Publicly Executed

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Greg Hardy is a pile of shit. I’ve already discussed how ridiculous it is that Greg Hardy is even allowed to play in the NFL. He beat the soul out of his girlfriend and has shown zero remorse for his actions. In fact, he feels the need to remind everyone that he got away scott-free due to a technicality.

Then photos were released that showed the damage.

nicole holder


I’m going to need Greg Hardy to be publicly executed by the end of the week. That may sound over the top or facetious, but I’m so serious. We used to execute people for far less than this. We hung people because of the color of their skin. We hung women who we thought were witches which is a kind way of describing women who had their own opinions. Greg Hardy should for sure be beheaded, guillotine style and I’ve never wanted to see anything more in my life than this beheading.

It’s not the new photos that have sparked my need for Hardy’s blood. He hit a woman. I knew that. Didn’t need to see a bruised shoulder to understand what actions took place. It’s reading about how Greg Hardy attempted to defend himself in court.

In a March 4 meeting with NFL representatives, the then- Panther and current Cowboy’s lawyer painted his client’s accuser as a horny groupie who wouldn’t leave Hardy alone, according to documents posted by Deadspin.

Additionally, Hardy told the NFL panel that Holder contacted him “a couple thousand times” offering to perform sexual acts on him, Maister said. Hardy said that Holder would email him “come here” and said that they would have these rendezvous about once a month, in a public place. Hardy said that the “hookups” did not come after a night out.


Awwww boooo hoooooo, widdle Greg Hardy had a hot stalker that wanted to have sex with him all day every day, awwww. Maybe I just don’t understand because believe it or not, I’ve never had a stalker. Maybe there’s only one way to handle the situation. Beat her brains in.

If Greg Hardy truly believed he was in danger and this ‘stalker’, Nicole Holder, was going to hurt him or herself, his first move should’ve been to stop penetrating her. That’s literally the minimum requirement in removing a chick from your life. “Ugh, she keeps coming over every night and blowing me. It’s soooo annoying”. If you were truly concerned, you call the police and they handle it. You don’t take cute instagram photos with the broad. And you certainly don’t hit her.

The more I write about this, the more I want/NEED to see a Greg Hardy public execution. I might make a kickstarter to get this to happen.



Leave a comment if you too would love a good high quality public execution. Leave a comment if you think I’m overreacting. Leave a comment if you think Nicole Holder is hot and you wouldn’t mind her stalking you.



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